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World Trigger Season 2 –

June 20, 2021

Anime is the best to watch and read if you live in a fantasy world and also read novels and books. Most people like to read manga series and when an anime is adapted from a manga series, they also like to watch that anime.

Japanese anime is the most visible television series in the world and World Trigger Season is one of the best anime that the viewer can see. In this article, we are talking about World Trigger Season 2 that already aired this year.

After two big hits, fans want season 3 and me too. Read more World Trigger Season 3: What can we expect from the creators?

The Japanese animated series World Trigger season 2 based on the manga series of the same name premiered on Tv Asahi’s NUMAnimation for the second time from January 10 to April 4, 2021.

The second animated series was directed by new director Morio Hatano, while the rest of the cast and staff are the same to perform their roles with producer Toei Animation also returned to produce the anime for the second season.

World Trigger Season 2

World Trigger Season 2 Characters

Here are the characters whose voices are played by these actors.

Nao Tamura: Chika Amatori.
I take Muranaka: Yūma Kuga.
Yūichi Nakamura: Yūichi Jin.
Yuuki Kaji: Osamu Mikumo.
Bin Shimada: Eizou Netsuke.
Chihiro Ikki: Akane Hiura.
Daisuke Kishio: Yosuke Yoneya.
Kei Tachikawa: Daisuke Namikawa and many more characters.

History of World Trigger Season 2

All living creatures in the world are shocked when alien creatures enter their world and the weapons of living organisms do not work against these aliens. The set is perfect without any additional work between the personalities of the protagonists and the antagonists.

Where to watch World Trigger Season 2 All episodes

You can watch World Trigger on these platforms-

Animedao tv
Tubi Tv

People also asked questions

Is World Trigger season 2 good?

Yes, World Trigger season 2 is a great manga adaptation that highlights great fighting actions and has fights + powers and I recommend that you read and watch this anime as it gives you a lot of joy and interest.

Will there be a season 3 of World Trigger?

Yes, World Trigger Season 3 is officially confirmed and scheduled to premiere in 2021, winter.

Who Killed Yuma Kuga?

Yuma Kuga died four years ago because he was unable to retaliate when there was a sudden attack at the hands of a mysterious mercenary Black Trigger at the Battle of Calvarian.

World Trigger Ratings and Reviews

World Trigger Season 2 has a score of 8.10 on Myanimelist and people love this Japanese anime very much.

Here are some reviews from people and what they had to say about this anime – one says it’s a nice comeback from an extremely flawed series to begin with and the other says there’s nothing like it. That this anime and that he loves World Trigger 2 so much.

This Japanese manga series follows a young man, Wakana goju. An orphan and raised by his grandfather, he wants to become a hina doll craftsman because he is very fond of dolls.