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WONDERFUL EGG PRIORITY SEASON 2: CANCELED? Renovation status and release date!

July 22, 2021

Are you also looking forward to season 2 of Wonder Egg Priority? So be patient a little longer. In fact, there is still a long way to go before we can see the series on our screens. WEP is an original psychological horror drama from the CloverWorks studio. Created by Shinji Nojima, the series centers on Ai Ohto, who investigates the suicide of her best friend at school.

The first season of this drama received a lot of love and appreciation. The anime was even rated the best series of January 2021. However, the thirteenth episode gave the story a whole new direction. Was this a deliberate attempt to provoke the second episode? Here’s everything you need to know about the Wonder Egg Priority sequel premiere!

Wonder Egg Priority Season 2: Renewal Status

Unfortunately, at this time, Studio CloverWorks has virtually no renewal plans for Wonder Egg Priority season 2. This could be because it’s always difficult for the original series to get a sequel without source material. Also, looking at Cloverworks’ production history, the company has barely produced animated sequels to its popular series. However, since its popularity was unusually high, there is a chance that the parent company will change its decisions. For now, we can only hope this sequel doesn’t take the same path as Promised Neverland season 2! We are awaiting an official statement from the manufacturers.

The sequel after the special episode.

All fans know that after the last episode of the season, the directors created a special episode. Contrary to expectations, the new episode further spoiled the story. Before the special episode, viewers weren’t too excited to order Wonder Egg Priority Season 2. But after the unsatisfactory ending, the demand for the new season grew exponentially. All the theories behind Koito’s suicide turned out to be wrong. Furthermore, Sawaki’s prediction as the final villain was also belittled by the ending.

After this mess, fans are eagerly awaiting Season 2, which will be able to answer your questions once and for all. Without the special episode, fans would not have asked for a new season. There are also chances that the sole purpose of this episode is to start new conflicts for a new season. If not, the episode certainly did more harm than good.

Wonder Egg Priority Season 2: Release Date

There is no official announcement from CloverWorks Studios yet. So fans have no choice but to rely on speculation for the Wonder Egg Priority season 2 premiere date. For now, the series is certainly not in the works. Judging by the time it takes a studio to complete an entire backyard, it seems like six months is more than enough time for the directors to complete the sequel. Therefore, fans can expect the second season to air no earlier than mid-2022. Let’s wait until we have more news before making any strong statements.