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Will Will and Judy die at the end of Lost in Space season 3?

December 2, 2021

Lost in Space follows the Robinson family’s adventures in space. Despite galactic obstacles and murderous enemies, the intrepid family holds together and perseveres. However, Season 3 confronts them with some of the most dangerous situations ever and the young Robinson children keep falling into danger. Will is single-handedly trying to fight the deadly SAR, and Judy is consistently on the front lines as the de facto leader of the second group (of 97 children). Will the two survive until the end of Lost in Space season 3? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Will and Judy die at the end of Lost in Space?

Will is stabbed in the heart twice in the final episodes of season 3 by SAR. After initially trying to confront and come to an agreement with the alien robot, the young Robinson realizes his mistake far too late and is brutally stabbed. However, Will’s family can barely save him by cryogenically freezing him until they get back to Alpha Centauri. Since his heart has been impaled, the boy is given a mechanical organ as a replacement and remains visibly weakened until Robot inserts a piece of himself into Will’s mechanical heart.

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When Will is brought into the Danger System by Robot, the boy is in critical condition. After trying too hard too soon, his recently deployed mechanical heart begins to be rejected by his body. As Will grows weaker and weaker, he is asked if he can help Robot convince others of his species to help humanity. The exertion wears him down further, and his robotic companion eventually takes the boy to a ceremonial location on the alien planet. Again, it briefly looks like Will is dying, but instead the robot forms a protective cover around him and disappears, Will leaving a piece of alien robot technology in his mechanical heart.

The next time the youngest Robinson is stabbed by SAR, he is apparently unimpressed by the wound. So with the additions of the robot, it seems like Will’s new heart makes him a lot stronger and possibly allows him to heal extremely quickly, much like the alien robots. Far from dead, Will is last seen recovering fully and exploring new worlds in the galaxy with Robot.

Judy’s journey in the final moments of season 3, while very different, is just as dramatic. The oldest Robinson sibling is taking ever greater risks in her role as captain of the ship with 97 children. Eventually, it turns out that Judy is constantly pressuring herself for feeling intimidated by her mother Maureen’s excellence. Judy is also inspired by her biological father, legendary astronaut Grant Kelly. Similar to Will, Judy also tends to embark on dangerous missions.

During the invasion of the alien robots on Alpha Centauri, the young girl finds herself at the front again and saves survivors. In addition to her leadership skills, her medical background often puts Judy right in the middle of the action. So she is at the center of some of the series’ most defining battles.

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Judy’s dangerous, action-packed antics are a surprising contrast to the job we end up seeing the young Robinson girl do. After realizing that she has nothing more to prove to her iconic birth parents, Judy settles into a job as a doctor. So we finally see Judy reunited with her father and in a much safer environment than she was for a long time.