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Will Prince Harry reconcile with Prince William and end their feud?

November 29, 2021

The feud between Prince Harry and Prince William remains a hot topic to this day. A new book reveals how the Duke of Sussex berated his brother for his romance with Meghan Markle. One royal expert thinks he should reconcile with Kate Middleton’s husband.

A Channel 5 documentary, 2021: The Queen’s Terrible Year, discussed Prince Harry and Prince William’s relationship. Royal expert Camilla Tominey said everyone knew their relationship changed after Meghan’s husband revealed they were going different ways.

From then on there were allegations that there had been tension between them. Since Queen Elizabeth II is a conflict avoidant by nature, she may still be concerned that his two grandchildren are not close, the Express said.

Royal photographer Arthur Edwards added that the monarch may be concerned that her family is not speaking to one another. He said that Prince Harry was the one who should take the first step to put things back in order.

It must come from him and his wife in a great way. He believed the two could change the situation if they really wanted to.

Edwards didn’t think it was nice that their feud continued and that they hardly talked to each other. He added that this type of sideline soap opera between the two could overwhelm and overshadow more important events in the royal family.

Prince Harry and Prince William have not met since July after jointly unveiling the statue of their late mother, Princess Diana. They were seen talking to each other in the gardens of Kensington Palace before and after the unveiling.

Still, rumors of their feud surfaced again when the controversial prince failed to attend the statue’s donors’ party. Christopher Andersen’s new Brothers and Wives book: Inside the Prince Lives of William, Kate, Harry and Meghan claims Prince Harry was very angry when Prince William questioned his fast-paced romance with Meghan.

He even asked about his brother’s role in his life, as Page Six reports. This incident allegedly happened in September 2017 when Prince Harry revealed he was about to propose to the former Suits actress, which led Prince William to ask him why he was rushing things.

In addition to his older sibling, Prince Harry’s uncle, Earl Spencer, is said to have been hesitant about the relationship with Meghan. Prince William even used Earl’s opinion on why they should take things slower.

This only made matters worse, however, as Prince Harry saw Prince William actively trying to get others to interfere in his personal life. He then got angry at anyone he perceived to be directed against Meghan.