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Will fans see BTS’s V, J-Hope on ‘I Live Alone’?

November 15, 2021

Kim Tae-hyung has become a household name in Korea thanks to the immense popularity that BTS enjoys today. His fame makes him the star that people want to see on I Live Alone.

Fans look forward to seeing V as a guest on the famous MBC reality series. She even beats other global K-pop stars on the idol charts, like Jennie from BLAKCPINK and fellow BTS colleague Jin.

AllKpop noted that even the creators of the show were long-time fans of the 25-year-old star. In fact, his face has often been seen sneaking in in the cleverest possible way.

Still, fans want to see what V.’s house looks like in the series. With the few glimpses he’s given the public so far, there’s no denying that it looks stunning.

V is also known for his love of art, so many want to take a look at the interior of his apartment. So will it soon be gracing I Live Alone?

In the meantime, in addition to V, J-Hope had also expressed interest in participating in the variety show in January. The people behind the series couldn’t help but respond to this reveal.

In an interview that was featured on WeVerse, J-Hope revealed his desire to be a guest at I Live Alone to give everyone a glimpse into his everyday life. Of course, the fans were enthusiastic about the idea, as was the moderator, as Koreaboo reports.

Park Na-rae said the rapper’s participation in the show would have a positive impact on audience ratings, which could rise by 20%. If that happens, that would be good news for everyone.

Plus, Sung Hoon was ready to do whatever it takes to increase J-Hope’s chances of getting on the show. He even suggested composing a video message to get him on the show.

Meanwhile, Kian84 remained optimistic. Although he knew that J-Hope probably didn’t know him, he knew exactly who he was and later switched to fan mode.

Kian84 went on to say that he wanted to meet the BTS songwriter and admitted that he was curious about what kind of life he was leading. He even said that he was a BTS fan himself and that he loved his dance moves.

Then he started dancing the group’s hit, Boy With Luv, while others chanted the name of J-Hope. Apparently everyone was excited about the idea that he would be on I Live Alone. But since the show’s guests are the ones who only live alone, it remains to be seen whether either J-Hope or V will be featured here.