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Why fans are making the name of EXO’s Suho known around the world

November 18, 2021

EXO’s Suho gave his fans an update on his Instagram story that quickly made his Junmyeon name a trend on social media. The leader of the K-pop band is currently doing his military service and inspires his followers every time he posts something.

Suho shared a snapshot of himself with his back to the camera in the bay. Then he wrote his fans name, EXO-L, on the sun, which made them all emotional.

It’s been ages since the 30-year-old star shared something on Instagram. His last post was 23 weeks ago, so his fans couldn’t help but celebrate his new update.

With their excitement they made sure that his name landed at number 7 of the trends worldwide, as AllKpop reports. Fans believed the singer wrote the name of the fan base over the sun based on the lyrics of the EXO song Made in You.

It says: The reason I shine is because the sun that is called you is looking at me. As it stands, he seemed to be alluding to the fact that his fans are like the sun that shines on him.

Suho has been doing his military service since April 2020 and is about to be officially released in February 2022. Nonetheless, he still finds a way to keep his fans up to date via Instagram.

The actor may now be in the military, but rumor has it that he is planning to get married next year. A post on Nate’s online community board Pann titled EXO’s SH will get married in February next year has caught on and has become a trend on the internet.

EXO has two members with the same SH initials, but it has been implied that it is not the younger one. Hence, many believe that the post is about Suho.

The posting suggests that he will get married on February 13th, which is also the month that Suho will be released from the military. While there is no confirmation of this, some think it might be true now that Chen’s marriage predictions are true and his current wife is currently pregnant.

As a reminder, EXO debuted in April 2012 and by the time nine years had passed Suho couldn’t believe they had been in business for so long. Time goes by so quickly, he said via Pink Villa.

Each member of the group is busy with their own thing. Hence, it is difficult to reunite them all, but their hearts remain close together. Suho also hopes that they will stay active and show their fans good things as a group, EXO.