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Who plays young Georgia on the Netfix series Ginny and Georgia {Nikki Roumel’s Age, Bio, Insta}

January 10, 2023

Key Findings
Nikki Roumel: who is she?
Fans comment on Young Georgia’s throwback
Roumel honors her daughters featured on screen

The second season of Ginny & Georgia is finally here, and viewers are quickly drawn into the romance, mystery, and drama that unfolds in Wellsburg. Nikki Roumel, who portrays the younger Georgia, will be back on screen this season.

In the first season we see snippets of Georgia’s life before she moved to Wellsbury, beginning with her time traveling as a teenager, her romance with Ginny’s father and her pregnancy as a teenager.

There are striking similarities between Georgia when she was young and Georgia today. You really think you’re seeing the same person at two different times in their life because they have blonde hair, dark eyebrows, a different facial structure, and different eyes.

But who and how old is Nikki Roumel, the actress who portrays young Georgia?

Nikki Roumel: who is she?

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Actress Nikki Roumel is 22 years old. She has 294 thousand followers on her Instagram account @nikkiroumelwhere she primarily posts selfies, set photos, and travel photos.

Her other acting roles include Sibyl Sadik in Designated Survivor and the Cheer Captain in Holly Hobbie (2018). (2017). Amber was also portrayed by Roumel in Paranormal Witness (2015).

Roumel, who lives in Canada, is part Greek. Wanderer, that’s how she characterizes herself.

Her Instagram bio reads: Live life with good intentions and try my best.

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Fans comment on Young Georgia’s throwback

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The striking resemblance between young Georgia (Roumel) and Georgia today has stunned viewers of the series (Brianne Howey). Many people have used Twitter to express their opinions.

Is it just me, or is the actress portraying young Georgia in Ginny and Georgia the ideal cast? asked a viewer. She resembles Brianne Howey in appearance, speech and gait. Why isn’t Nikki Roumel’s performance getting more attention?

The cast of young Georgia (Nikki Roumel) in Ginny & Georgia is SO outstanding, another user tweeted. It’s really hard to fool someone into thinking they’re the same person, from looks to demeanor.

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Roumel honors her daughters featured on screen

Although only a little Ginny is shown on TV, two actors actually play the role. With a heartfelt message to her on-screen daughters, Roumel tweeted a photo of herself hanging out on set with Tianna and Tiara.

Our little flashback family 💛🍑 Tiana and Tiara my talented beautiful friends who taught me so much happiness. Ben, from getting to know each other at the chemistry reading to spending so much time on set with you guys filled with laughter after intense scenes and