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Who is the shrink next door based on!

December 1, 2022

Main food for thought
Is the shrink next door based on a true story?
Where is Isaac Herschkopf at the moment?
Where is Marty Markowitz at the moment?
Where can I find a copy of The Shrink Next Door?

Some fans are curious if the chilling Apple TV series starring Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd is based on a true story.

Is The Psychiatrist Next Door based on a true story?

Unfortunately, Marty Markowitz and Dr. Isaac (Ike) Herschkopf is about real people, and this terrifying story is based on real events. The Shrink Next Door is based on the 2019 premiere of the true crime podcast of the same name.
The podcast explores the 30-year friendship between Marty and his therapist, Herschkopf, who gradually took control of his life.

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Marty, then 39, was diagnosed with severe anxiety in 1981 and was advised to see Herschkopf, or Dr. Ike, as Marty liked to call him. Marty was a millionaire at the time and ran Associated Fabrics Corporation, the family business.
However, very early in their working relationship, Herschkopf began interfering in his patient’s private and financial affairs.

Herschkopf was separated from the rest of his family after persuading Marty to fire his sister from the family business and disinherit the company, as detailed on the television show and podcast. Herschkopf then requested that his wife Becky be made the sole beneficiary of his estate in his will and that Herschkopf be granted power of attorney.

He even registered as a co-owner of his $2.5 million bank account and asked Marty to start a private charity, the Yaron Foundation, to benefit Herschkopf and his family.

Herschkopf persuaded Marty to buy the house next door to his Southampton residence in 1986, after which he took control of the property and moved Marty’s patients there while forbidding him from storing groceries in the main house; some even believed that Marty was the manager of the estate rather than the owner.

However, in 2010, Marty officially called it quits.

After he had to undergo a hernia operation and Herschkopf no longer bothered him, he made the decision.

Eventually, Markowitz struck Herschkopf and his wife from his will and filed a malpractice lawsuit.

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Where is Isaac Herschkopf at the moment?

After a multi-year investigation into his dealings with Marty and other patients, Herschkopf had his medical license revoked in April 2021.

Herschkopf was found guilty of 16 charges, all related to his work as a psychiatrist. The allegations included negligence, moral unfitness, fraudulent practice and undue influence.

Noisy Bloomberg Marty, who testified during the hearing, expressed his delight at the decision.

Unfortunately, he was not sentenced to prison for his actions. Instead, he can no longer legally practice medicine in New York.

Where is Marty Markowitz currently?

Don’t worry, there’s a happy ending for Marty Markowitz, because Herschkopf’s family is with him again.

After 27 years, Marty has reconnected with his sister Phyliss after finally cutting the disgraced therapist out of his life and reporting him to the New York State Department for malpractice in 2012.

He feels he can now live the life Herschkopf stole from him at the age of 79 after retiring.

Marty admitted to the broadcaster that he’s a lot happier now.

It was my 40 year struggle. He reigned for 29 years and sought justice for 11 years. Finally I understood.

Where can I find a copy of The Shrink Next Door?

New episodes of the series are released on Apple TV every Wednesday.

There are eight episodes in total, five of which are available to watch now.