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Who is Riley in HBO’s The Last of Us?

January 17, 2023

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Who is Riley in the HBO The Last of Us series and why is it so important?
Does The Last of Us end with Riley’s death? answer to

We understand if you’re confused when watching The Last of Us on HBO, as it introduces a ton of characters and plot points in a short space of time. You might be wondering who Ellie’s sidekick was and what happened to her that everyone talks about her so sadly. Luckily, we’ve put together a guide based on the question you’re probably asking yourself: who exactly is Riley in The Last of Us on HBO, and where can we find her?

Who is Riley on HBO’s The Last of Us and why is she important?

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To get that out of the way, let’s just say that Riley is a character from The Last of Us: Left Behind DLC who used to be Ellie’s sidekick and then her love interest on the HBO series.

They met before the events of the series at a junior military school in the Boston quarantine zone. Their animosity toward each other faded over time, and they became and remain close friends because they stood up to each other.

When Riley finally left the Academy to join the Fireflies, Ellie felt lonely and abandoned. After some time passed and Riley returned, Ellie told Riley how she felt about her. Riley agreed, and for the first time the two were completely vulnerable to one another.

However, the two teenagers had to try to get to safety after being ambushed by infected, interrupting their moment of happiness. Just as they are about to get to safety, Ellie slips and falls in the area where the walkers are. Although Riley rushes after her and saves the day, she and Ellie are bitten in the process. To avoid killing each other or themselves, the two decide to wait out the virus together.

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Does The Last of Us end with Riley’s death? Answer:

Unfortunately, this is how Ellie found out that she is immune. Riley was still very much alive and well before she succumbed to the virus and died. Continuing their search for Riley, the Fireflies eventually stumbled upon her and brought her back to their base to figure out how to exploit her immunity. Eventually, it was decided to move her to one of their most modern facilities in the country, where she eventually met Joel and the real story began.