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Who are the magical sewers on the ships at the end of Wheel of Time Season 1?

December 24, 2021

The wheel of time traces the epic, millennia-long struggle against the dark and its attempts to take over reality. The tortuous story introduces a bewildering array of powerful actors into the saga, each fueled by their own motives and loyalties.

The season 1 finale throws one final curveball after all of its crucial stalemates by introducing a mysterious bevy of seafaring magic channelers who carry out a devastating attack on a seemingly unpaved beach. Who are these heavily armored warriors and what are they fighting for? Let’s take a closer look at the final moments of The Wheel of Time Season 1 and see if we can crack the cliffhanger. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who are the magic channelers on the ships?

After the hectic battles in Fal Dara and on the Eye of the World have come to an end in the season finale, we are led to a distant, nameless coast, where a lonely girl is walking along the beach. Soon she notices a number of menacing-looking ships on the horizon, heavily armored and carrying a group of magicians with golden mouthpieces on board. The canalizers of the many ships attack together, and the final scene shows the huge tidal wave rolling from them onto the beach.

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Since the ship’s sails do not have a specific emblem, we can only guess at the loyalty of the attackers. However, fans of the Robert Jordan book series on which the series is based will likely recognize the mighty navy as belonging to the Seanchan realm. The rulers of the empire on the western continent have long planned to invade the western lands to reclaim what they believe is rightfully theirs. The reason for this is that the ancestors of the rulers seem to have come from the western lands.

The invasion we see at the end of the Season 1 finale has been going on for at least twenty years, according to the books. During this time the Seanchan have built ships to take them to the Westlands and have gathered troops and magic channelers to aid them in their endeavors. Your mission to retake the Westlands is known as the Return.

According to The Great Hunt, the second book in the Wheel of Time series and the source book that Season 2 of the series will be based on, the Children of Light face the Seanchan invasion and try to keep it at bay. However, some of the main characters, including Nynaeve and Egwene, get caught in the crossfire between the Children of Light and the Seanchan.

The seafaring magic channelers seen at the end of Season 1 thus form a new aspect in the narrative and introduce viewers to a previously unseen part of the world of The Wheel of Time. In case you’re curious, the invasion will eventually be rolled back when the Empress of the Seanchan agrees to help the reborn dragon fight the dark. However, the Seanchan attack has had far-reaching implications for the conflicts that are already underway in the Westlands.