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Where was Survivor season 32 filmed?

February 2, 2023

Inspired by the Swedish series Expedition Robinson, the CBS series Survivor is a reality competition series developed by Charlie Parsons and first aired in May 2000. Since the series aired, each season has been released under a specific title, including season 32 of Survivor, entitled Survivor: Kaôh Rōng. This season, the 18 contestants will be divided into three tribal groups of six based on their respective attributes – brains, brawn and beauty.

Each participant of each tribe must endure 39 days with a limited supply of resources and different types of challenges, both mental and physical, to earn the title of Sole Survivor. Apart from the exciting journey of the participants, it is above all the picturesque setting with the sea and the forest in the background that captivates the spectators. So it’s only natural that you’re curious about the filming locations of Survivor season 32. In that case we have the right thing for you!

Survivor Season 32 Filming Locations

Survivor Season 32 was shot entirely in Cambodia, more specifically in Koh Rong. Filming for the 32nd season of the long-running survival show reportedly began in late March 2015 and wrapped in May of the same year. Located in the southern part of the Indochinese Peninsula in Southeast Asia, Cambodia has a low-lying central plain surrounded by plateaus and low mountains, making it a scenic filming location. So let’s follow how the contestants try to complete all the challenges and learn more about the special locations that appear in Season 32!

Koh Rong, Cambodia

All key scenes of Survivor season 32 were filmed on Koh Rong, Cambodia’s second largest island. Whether on the beach or in the forest, the cast and crew were spotted in various locations around the island to film Survivor: Kaôh Rōng. Located in Koh Kong Province, the island is mainly divided into four villages – Koh Tuich, Prek Svay, Sok San and Daem Thkov (Sangkat Village). While most locals make a living from fishing and small-scale farming, there are increasing numbers of residents contributing to tourism.

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Koh Rong is home to various beautiful seasonal waterfalls in the depths of its forests and greenery. In addition, the island has 43 km of beautiful beaches, many of which vary in length and colour. The island is also home to several luxury foreign-run bungalow resorts and guest houses, making it a popular holiday destination for many.