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Where is the cast of Are You The One season 4 now? Who else is together

December 5, 2021

Using a matchmaking algorithm, Are You The One? initially put together in pairs. The couples are kept secret, however, as the candidates have to guess their partners through interactions and dates. While the entire cast can win up to a million dollars if they manage to guess correctly, any wrong guess will affect the total prize pool. It’s always interesting to see where the reality stars end up after filming, so we decided to find out where the Season 4 cast are currently.

Cameron Kolbo & Mikala Thomas

Cameron and Mikala quickly realized that they were a perfect match. According to sources, they were the earliest confirmed couple in the series’ history and built a fantastic relationship over the course of the season. After filming ended, the two moved in together to give their relationship a chance. But the trouble was inevitable, and although the two decided to appear on Are You The One: Second Chances, they split in early 2017 and went their separate ways. Today Cameron lives his own life and loves to travel as you can tell by his social media posts. Meanwhile, Mikala is a social media influencer and loves sharing updates about her life with her fans. She is also in a lovely relationship with Joe Torgerson, and the couple seem happy.

Sam Handler & Alyssa Ortiz

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Sam and Alyssa developed a close relationship shortly after the season began. Although they didn’t test their pair until week 6, they were seen together over and over again and seemed like a promising couple. In week 6, the speculation was confirmed as Sam and Alyssa turned out to be the perfect couple. They even moved into the honeymoon suite, but little by little they began to drift apart. Being together made it clear to them that they were not meant to be together, and so the two separated. Alyssa is currently leading a wonderful life and apparently works as a producer for Salvi Media. She’s also dating Kevin Melaniphy, and the two recently moved to Los Angeles. Sam, on the other hand, prefers a private life and has limited social media presence. That, and the fact that there have been no reports of his life recently, make his whereabouts unclear.

Prosper Muna & Emma Sweigard

Prosper and Emma seemed to get along well at first, and there was speculation about a relationship between them. But when they confirmed their status as the perfect couple and moved into the honeymoon suite, their connection seemed to break. Prosper later revealed that they couldn’t find each other and soon realized that it shouldn’t be, which led to the separation. In the meantime Prosper has grown up as a musician and has established himself in the industry. He is also in a loving marriage and the two are proud parents of three wonderful children. Emma, ​​on the other hand, now calls herself Emma Miller on Instagram and runs her own cosmetics brand. Emma married Mitchell Miller in June 2021, and together they have built what appeared to be a perfect life.

Cam Bruckman & Julia Rose

Both Cam and Julia have gone through multiple pairings and entered the Truth Booth with different people, resulting in false pairings. In the Truth Cabinet, they were finally recognized as the perfect couple in week 9. Still, both contestants were never really interested in each other throughout the show, preferring instead to form relationships with others. Hence, it came as no surprise to anyone that Cam and Julia agreed not to seek a romantic relationship after learning of their perfect pairing. Currently, Cam prefers to lead a private life and stays away from social media. Still, he married Are You The One? Star Carolina Duarte from season 5, and the couple are excited about their lives together. In contrast, Julia is the current co-host of the podcast The Sh * tshow and is in a relationship with YouTuber Jake Paul.

Where is the rest of the cast today?

Although Morgan St. Pierre and Tori Deal didn’t turn out to be the perfect couple, they built a great relationship during the filming and they seemed to have a bright future. However, after filming ended, the two went their separate ways, and reports have reported that Tori even started dating other people. Although the couple got back together during their time on Are You the One ?: Second Chances, the spark eventually fizzled out. It appears that Morgan is currently launching his clothing and jewelry brand, while Tori is hosting the ‘Tori Dealing With’ podcast, writing a book called ‘The Search For Syrup’ and even self-care organization ‘Suiheart Club’ directs.

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Stephen McHugh also appeared to be developing a relationship with Julia Rose, and the two stayed together even after filming. But problems soon arose and the two had to part ways. Although he built the Shagmag website with Julia, he now prefers to stay under the radar and has little presence on social media. The male candidate Asaf Goren, popular with the fans, made it to Are You The One? starting a career in reality television and has appeared on several other shows while Giovanni Rivera is now a professional boxer. In contrast, the remaining male candidates, Tyler Norman and John Humphrey, now live under lock and key, so their whereabouts are unclear.

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On the flip side, Francesca Duncan is now an established singer and appears to be making a name for herself in the industry, while Kaylen Zahara is currently a very successful social media influencer. While Nicole Brown keeps her fans updated via social media and appears to have wonderful lives, Victoria Wyatt and Camille Satterwhite have chosen to live in privacy and try to stay away from the public eye.