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Where is the cast of Are You The One season 3 now? Who else is together

December 4, 2021

Are You The One? brings an interesting twist to dating reality shows as candidates are already matched using a matchmaking algorithm. However, the couples are kept secret from the candidates while they interact with each other and go on multiple dates. Ultimately, through the interaction, they should find their perfect partner, because every successful withdrawal affects the final prize money. As with most reality shows, fans are curious to know where their favorite reality stars end up after filming. So let’s take a look at where the cast of Are You The One? Season 3 are now, right?

Connor Smith & Chelsey Perkins

Although Connor and Chelsey found they were a perfect match in Episode 5 of Are You The One ?, Season 3, they decided not to be together after filming. Their relationship didn’t work out, and the two chose to live their own lives. The breakup was very amicable, however, as they both stressed that they broke up as best friends and was well worth the whole experience as it helped them bond for life.

Connor is currently enjoying a wonderful life and loves to document it on social media. He appears to be involved in running a fitness class and owns his own top training facility while also pursuing a successful modeling career on the side. Meanwhile, Chelsey prefers to keep her personal life under wraps and has put her social media profiles on private. However, sources say she is a graduate of the University of Central Florida and currently resides in Arlington, Virginia.

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Photo credit: Chelsey Perkins / Instagram

Zak Longo & Kayla Brackett

Thanks to the Truth Cabinet, Zak and Kayla realized by week 10 of the season that they were a perfect match. However, the two never found the right connection, so that a romantic relationship was never an option. Also, Zak gradually developed a relationship with Hannah Rathbun, and the two decided to meet after filming. According to sources, Zak and Hannah moved to Are You The One? Season 3 in Los Angeles and lived happy lives as an influencer couple. They shot numerous videos for YouTube and Vine and even enjoyed traveling around the world. During their time together, the couple’s social media accounts were full of fond memories.

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Photo credit: Zak Longo / Instagram

However, the happy times did not last and the couple decided to part ways in 2018. Although Zak currently prefers to stay private, he is an entrepreneur and co-founder of the video game app Gamelancer. He even hosts the Expensive Taste podcast and is involved in the Sugo Sunday clothing brand. Kayla, on the other hand, makes a living as a model and even has her own swimwear brand, Swim Candy, which is coming soon. She seems to be in a wonderful relationship with her fiancé Marcus Aurelius and is looking forward to a wonderful life.

Where is the rest of the cast today?

Although Alec Gonzalez failed to find his perfect partner, Amanda Garcia, during the show, the two decided to give their relationship a chance after filming. But the distance between them ruined their chances, and the two have gone their separate ways ever since. Today Alec lives his own life and loves to travel. Amanda, on the other hand, had a rocky love life when she got engaged to boyfriend Ray in January 2020 and was expecting a child in February. However, the couple split a few months later after Amanda mentioned that she was allegedly cheated on.

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Viewers would also be overjoyed to know that in addition to Amanda, other popular actors like Austin Sheets, Hunter Barfield, Cheyenne Floyd, and Rashida Beach have all become parents since appearing on the show. In addition to being a mother of two, Cheyenne Floyd founded Rage Regardless Ry, an organization that supports families affected by metabolic diseases. Meanwhile, Nelson Thomas took part in several seasons of The Challenge before becoming a trainer and YouTube personality. He currently also owns and operates the clothing brand Level Up Clothing.

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Fitness trainer and New Yorker Melanie Velez now shares her content on YouTube, while Britni Thornton dated Brad Fiorenza before they split in 2018. The fans should also be interested in the fact that Chuck Mowery and Melanie Velez tried to save their relationship after filming, but without success. Devin Walker-Molaghan, on the other hand, returned to compete in Are You the One ?: Second Chances alongside Rashida, and both of them won a hefty cash prize.

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Aside from Mike Crescenzo, who appears to have launched a clothing line and fitness product, actors like Hannah Rathbun, Kiki Cooper and Stacey Gurnevich prefer to keep their personal lives under wraps but are on various social media channels with theirs Fans in contact. However, Tyler Johnson has completely withdrawn from the internet and is not active on social media, so his current whereabouts are unclear.