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What’s up with the Yankees? Is Aaron Boone the New York Yankees’ problem?

September 23, 2022

Key Findings
bank problems
Don’t sit on expensive items
Leggo My Ego
Not every Joe is the same

Charity and personal power are the only investments worth anything, Walt Whitman said.

While there have been a few occasions when I have attempted to use my personal power to influence the Yankees or their supporters, today I will choose to do something good. While I may chuckle at the Yankees’ current troubles, I’ll give my opinion on the troubles. I do not promise that these are problems that can be solved.

bank problems

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The Yankees had 13 pitchers on their 25-man roster for Tuesday’s game. Everyone now knows they need pitchers, but the key is to find a few good pitchers and not a lot of underperformers.

Given that they occupy the bench positions of players who could have pinched out and runners on second and third base, it is particularly detrimental to have additional players leave on loaded bases.

Ramiro Pena, a rookie, approached the plate in this situation. In this situation, there were only two ways to prevent a run from being scored and the game ending in a four-point tie. The other was a strike, the first was an infield pop-up. Pena was out hit.

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Don’t sit on things that cost a lot

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They were unable to fill the $1.5 million cathedral they built. At least not at the prices they set for the seats. The Pinstripers have never performed before an audience that wasn’t fully booked. Whether they try to downplay it or not, it hasn’t escaped the notice of players, coaches and owners.

The worst thing about the new stadium is that most visitors are impressed by all the attractions that are not related to the game: the food courts, the retail outlets, etc. The only differences are that the seats cost a lot more and it’s off there’s a lot more home runs on the field for some reason.

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Leggo My Ego

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It is not a matter of course that Mark Teixeira, AJ Burnett and CC Sabathia are huge egomaniacs. They are megastars playing in the worst arcade in the free world and earning disgusting sums of money.

Nobody gambles in New York because it’s a great place to gamble, so don’t be fooled. Two things draw people to this place. The first factor is owners’ spending preferences. Like drunken sailors on weekend vacations

The second reason is that the Yankees have a rich history. They all believe that the I’m a Yankee title makes up for the incredibly fickle fans, the vicious press, and the obsessive attention given to every single game. No one seriously believes it’s a great place to play baseball.

They may or may not be prima donnas, but one thing is certain: they need special attention to adjust to life in the Bronx. That’s especially true when you get off to a bad start like the Yankees and their three Brinks truck drivers.

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Not every Joe is the same

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Girardi is not properly managed, especially under Red Sox manager Terry Francona. Best example: Jacoby Ellsbury stole a house.

This didn’t happen by accident or as the result of an overzealous streaker. A perfect storm of coincidences brought together a key element of management and scouting.

A left-hander was at plate, Ellsbury was at third base, and Pettitte was in the circle. Even the announcers raved about how superior Pettitte’s pick-off play is, which had an added benefit (at least for those of us who watch the game on TV).

There are other examples where Girardi shows he’s not Joe Torre, like the pinch-hitting scenario mentioned above – even if Brian Cashman has to give him more work.

His playing skills don’t measure up to Torre’s. He lacks Torres’ human resource management expertise, which is sorely needed right now. While Girardi is a little more prone to losing his temper than Torre was, this is offset by the fact that I doubt Girardi will ever cry as easily as Torre did.