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What’s next for Squid Game Star Lee Yoo-Mi?

November 25, 2021

Like other Squid Game stars, Lee Yoo-mi enjoyed overnight success after Netflix aired the epic series in September. The 27-year-old star gained a lot of attention for the role of Ji Young or Player 240, which takes her to a new high today.

Lee Yoo-mi’s newfound fame earned her a number of Instagram followers – hundreds of times what she used to have. Given her incredible popularity and notoriety around the world, everyone should believe that the actress has yet to live to see her huge success.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, the Young Adult Matters star revealed that she is still doing a part-time delivery service at Coupang Eats after filming the Netflix series.

While at work, she was surprised to find everyone’s attention and she couldn’t help but be fascinated by this change. She revealed that she tries hard not to think about her fame as she still has many things to do.

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I try not to forget who I am, she said. Lee Yoo-mi also spoke about her chemistry with fellow Squid game star Jung Ho-yeon. She stated that she was the type who first approached and approached others, so she did it with the international model.

She even found that chemistry is right with everyone, not just her co-stars. The two were even reunited on YouTube during Jung Ho-yeon’s Day in the Life with Vogue (via Yahoo! News).

In the clip, the Louis Vuitton ambassador took Vogue with her as she roamed around Seoul for 24 hours during her rest day. Before her day ended, she met with Lee Yoo-mi and Kim Joo-ryoung, who played the role of Han Min-yeo.

The three of them enjoyed a steak dinner and showed the incredible bond they had developed during the production of Squid Game. Just before she left Vogue, Jung Ho-yeon said it had been a wonderful time with her friends.

In the meantime, fans will see the Park Hwa-young star again on Netflix with the new zombie drama All of Us Are Dead, according to AllKpop.

She believed that if this series appeared on the small screen, she would be maligned. The people who have already seen her role on the show said she was so despicable as there were many things that led them to think that she shouldn’t act that way.

However, she stated that these acts were only done because she was human. Lee Yoo-mi therefore found it fascinating how such irony could be portrayed.