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What to expect from Higehiro season 2?

July 4, 2021

Released in Spring 2021, Higehiro: After Being Rejected, I Shaved and Took in a High School Runaway was arguably the healthiest anime of the season. His very name intrigued many anime fans, but little did they know that they would stick around until the very end. On June 28, 2021, the anime ended, leaving fans wondering if there will be a Higehiro season 2. Following the tremendous success of this season, fans have left rave reviews about the anime. An upcoming season isn’t really a bad idea. But there are more factors than fan demand for simply deciding on a second season. The anime is based on the novel written by Shimesaba and illustrated by Booota. The light novel also finished in early June.

Higehiro: After being rejected, I shaved and went to a high school. Runaway was animated in the studio of Project No. 9. Licensed by Muse Communication and Crunchyroll. The anime ran for 13 episodes. Also known as Higehiro, the anime brings out a lot of dark themes but is directed with a lot of light. Sayu represents a lost teenager, who makes poor decisions to survive, while Yoshida represents what an ideal adult should be. While at first glance you might think that this is a shoujo anime aimed at young girls, the anime also contains messages for young boys to grow up to be admirable men. In a world full of adults who only prey on the vulnerable, Yoshida proves that people can truly be golden if they have the will.

The anime’s plot was truly unsettling, and it seems only fair to expect a Higehiro season 2. Here’s everything we know about the future of this anime.

About Higehiro and his end

Yoshida is a 26-year-old employee who is desperately in love with his older sister at work, Airi Gotou. One day, during dinner, he confesses to her, but she rejects him. He returns to his apartment completely drunk, but finds a high school girl on his way. When she tells him she has nowhere to go, he lets her in. However, Sayu, the runaway high school student, has been living the last few months with different people exchanging sexual favors. Hoping Yoshida will do the same, she is ready to use her body as payment, but is shocked when Yoshida refuses. The next day, Yoshida comes to. Understanding her situation, Yoshida allows her to stay and decides to be a responsible adult and protect her.

As the story progresses, we see the evolution of its characters. Sayu leaves her dark past behind and learns to appreciate herself more. On the other hand, Yoshida learns to trust others and understand himself. Her pasts are explored and, in the end, we see Sayu return home, overcoming her fears and problems. They even develop feelings for each other, but Yoshida continues to fulfill his promise not to touch a minor, even though his feelings are pure. Sayu confesses her feelings to her, but also rejects her, while jokingly admitting that she would have accepted her had she been an adult.

After a two-year jump, Yoshida is still working as a salaried employee and, on the way home, she meets Sayu at the same place where she first met her.

Will Higehiro season 2 take place?

The anime ended quite satisfactorily. We may not have had one of those endings where they shake hands and go out at sunset, but we can assume that they decided to give each other a chance. The story curved quite favorably, and it’s fascinating how the creators decided to leave the ending to the viewer’s imagination. Having covered just about everything from the source, a Higehiro season 2 is highly unlikely. Some details in between were omitted, but I hardly feel any difference in the main plot. The characters had their development, and they moved on after solving everything. It seems like a very good way to end.

While Higehiro’s second season may not be happening, we could still have an OVA if fan demands continue to rise. We’d love to have more previews from the leads, and what better than an OVA to make it possible? None of that has been announced though, so for now season 1 is all we have.