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What is Crossbow in Jack Ryan Season 3 Explained

December 21, 2022

Prime Video’s Jack Ryan spy thriller series, based on Tom Clancy’s book series of the same name, delivers an explosive third season as the protagonist confronts the most difficult task of his career to date. Stationed in Rome, Jack uncovers a secret plan to start a war in Eastern Europe. The threat of nuclear weapons in Russian hands becomes a problem, but things soon turn out to be far more complicated than they first appear.

What begins as an investigation into the Sokol Project becomes a race against time to stop another plan called the Crossbow. Jack realizes that if he’s not stopped in time, whether Sokol is stopped or not, the fate of the entire world is at stake. If you’re wondering what crossbow is and why it’s so important, here’s what you should know about it.

What is crossbow?

When Jack Ryan uncovers the secrets of the Sokol project, he finds out that it is not controlled by the Russian government. Rather, a group of people who want to bring back the times of the Soviet Union embarked on this mission on their own. They want to provoke conflict in the region in order to drive the countries, especially their own, to war and reclaim their lost glory. But that’s not the end of the plan.

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This group is dissatisfied with the current leadership. Led by Peter Kovac, they hatch a plan to overthrow the government and seize control and call it Crossbow. They know the current President has a lot of loyalists, so they’re starting to remove those people from office. As part of this plan, they kill Defense Minister Dmitry Popov. They make it appear as if the assassination was carried out by the Americans in order to create further grounds for political controversy.

Instead of Popov, Alexei Petrov will be appointed the new Minister of Defense. However, without knowing it, he is one of the main actors of the Sokol project. Knowing that President Surikov will never agree to a war, Petrov is slowly and steadily being brought into a position where he can not only make important decisions without being challenged at every step, but gain enough clout to do so carry out the coup d’état. In the final episode, as the Fearless is about to start the war, Petrov seizes the opportunity to turn the cabinet against Surikov and take control of the government.

This coup attempt by Peter Kovac and Alexei Petrov is similar to the events that took place in Russia in 1991. At that time, Mikhail Gorbachev was the President of Russia. He, too, had many people in government who disagreed with his stance on international relations and politics. His reform program was their greatest concern, and they believed the country would be torn apart. These people, who belonged to the Communist Party, as well as officials in military and civilian offices, tried to stage a coup d’état to replace Gorbachev with then-Vice President Gennady Yanuayev.

Similar to Jack Ryan, the coup failed in real life. The entire plan failed within two days, with Gorbachev not only returning to power but also getting rid of the people who had conspired against him. Also in Jack Ryan, Alexei is unable to maintain his position of power and Surikov returns with a vengeance, especially when it turns out it was Alexei who had Popov killed.