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Welcome to the school of demons! Iruma-Kun Season 2 Episode 12 Release Date

June 27, 2021

Suzuki Iruma does everything possible to live with the demons of the Otherworld. Monsters do not realize that they live on their food. Previously, Iruma attends a history class and learns the history of demons, and that the nature of demons is to eat humans. Sensei Balam realizes that Iruma is a wingless demon and goes to see the teacher. Balam informs the teachers of the state of Iruma, but they discover that Iruma has small wings hidden under his cloak. Welcome to the school of demons! Irma-Kun season 2 has a lot to offer after Iruma passes his first test like the other demons. All thanks to his ring that allowed him to gain wings, but he ends up befriending Balam.

The end of the year exam has finally started. Iruma waited for the summer vacation after a long time. Kelego wonders if Iruma and the demon students will avoid bad grades. The Inappropriate Class takes the last test before summer break, called term. Aloccer finds the test too easy for him while other students struggle with the answers. After the exam, Sensei Kelego has finished correcting and the students wonder if they passed because he shows them a strange face.

The demons protest that they are not ready to see the results and wonder how he ended up correcting his copies. Iruma wonders if Kelego will give them time to pray. The title of the episode is “End of Term Exams.” The students sing for Kelego to give them the results tomorrow. He scares the students and says it’s unlucky, and the student says, huh. Kelego reveals that the number of failed students will take additional classes, but only “zero” failed in this class. The students are celebrating.

Previously in Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun Season 2 Episode 11

Iruma is glad that no one failed in the Misfit Class, and the other demons yell that everyone is safe. Alice, Clara, and the rest of the class yell that they are safe. Iruma looks at his monster power host ring and comments that he succeeded, telling Ali who stays in his “ring”. Iruma said he would aim for higher heights. Garp can’t wait until the holidays are over as they will meet new women and have fun. Kelego realizes that the evil trio have strange ideas and tells them to sit down.

They announce that all Alefs who have scored above average will go to Bet. Alephs rank and receive congratulations. Aloccer was classified from Alef to Gimel. Aloccer is the student with the best grades in his class. Students wonder if Aloccer scored better than Alice. Alice comments that she’s glad all these lazy people are avoiding bad grades thanks to Iruma’s presence. Seeing Iruma studying demons, they feel motivated and study hard, which gives them good results.

Irma’s new rank

Iruma realizes that he has changed those around him. Alice comments that it is from a king. Kelego calls Iruma and the students wonder what Sensei means to Iruma. Surprise the student by telling him that this boy is the one who obtained the best results in the last test. Iruma goes out to verify something and realizes that he has gained the power to change everyone around him. When he’s outside, he runs to meet Balam-sensei and is shocked by the latter’s appearance. Iruma wonders why this guy looks like this.

Balam got a new haircut and Iruma believes it is his fault that Balam’s hair is gone. Balam reveals that he has made some recent changes and the couple chat. After picking up his homework, Balam discovers that Iruma is ranked 81st out of the first 163 years. Iruma receives a salamander flower as a gift and realizes that he is breathing fire. The two congratulate each other and Balam says that Irma’s words actually come from the heart. Subsequently, they release the list of students who have failed other courses and must take additional courses.

The demons are in awe that the misfit class has excelled and no one has failed. Later, Balam meets Kelego, who wants to laugh at the fact that Balam gave a boy a haircut. Kelego tries to hold back his laughter, but ends up laughing and realizes that Balam has changed as no one could laugh at Balam and get away with it. Balam receives a new rank: Keth. Balam can detect lies or falsehoods in anyone he watches. Meanwhile, the girls told Ameri that Iruma would make a wonderful husband.

Welcome to Demon School iruma Kun Season 2 Episode 12 Release Date

The release date of Welcome to Demon School Iruma Kun Season 2 Episode 12 is July 3, 2021. You can watch Welcome to Demon School Iruma-Kun Season 2 online on Crunchyroll.