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War of the Worlds season 3: everything you need to know

August 5, 2021

War of the Worlds season 3: everything you need to know

When will War of the Worlds season 3 be released? War of the Worlds is a science fiction television series based on the concept of an alien invasion. The series is roughly based on the novel of the same name written by famous writer HG Wells in 1989. Fans may also remember another popular movie of the same name starring Tom Cruise, released in 2005. This series bears some resemblance to this movie, but it is not related in any way. War of the Worlds first aired in 2019 and has two seasons at the moment. The second season of the series already aired on Epix in the United States on June 6, 2021.

The science fiction series involving an alien invasion is written by the famous writer Howard Overman. He is popular for his other popular writings, including New Tricks, Harley Street, Hustle, and Hotel Babylon. Additionally, his famous drama series Misfits won the 2010 BAFTA Television Award for Best Dramatic Series. War of the Worlds was directed by Gilles Coulier and Richard Clark. Although the series has some similarities to the 2005 Steven Spielberg film, it is set primarily in Spain and the UK. The story begins with the alien invasion in the first season and shows the struggle for the survival of the remaining humans and the recovery of what is left of the world.

The plot of the series

The television series The War of the Worlds begins when an observatory in Spain receives a signal from space that shocks people around the world. This broadcast from space proves that intelligent alien life does indeed exist in space. After this revelation, the world eagerly awaits a new contact with the life forms of space. But it isn’t long before the alien invasion hits the planet with the intention of wiping it out completely. With the appearance of alien ships in the sky, people wonder why these ships are determined to destroy life on earth.

By the time people can discover anything, in a few days the world’s peak population is completely wiped out of existence. The few lucky humans who survived the attack are strewn all over the world in pockets and have nowhere to go. After these events, the fight for survival begins with the remaining humans around the world. There is a risk of a second wave of invading attacks, leaving the remaining humans in fear for their lives. This is also the reason why many of them are afraid to fight, but finally the fight for survival begins.

The show’s characters begin to plan how to conquer the world or what is left of it. As the story progresses, many incredible theories are revealed. There even comes a point where a character named Emily discovers that she may be linked to the invasion in some way. Another possibility is emerging, that there could be humans behind all of this trying to control the world through invasion.

War Of The Worlds season 3 release date

Season 2 of War of the Worlds ended on a massive cliff that made fans want a season 3 already. Fans were delighted after the studio announced that the series would return for a third season. War of the Worlds is currently scheduled for 2022. However, the series does not yet have an exact premiere date. The studio that produces the series is Fox Networks Group. Also note that the series is distributed by StudioCanal, which is a French distribution and production company. It is supported by Urban Myth Films. Most of the cast are expected to return for season three.

What to expect and where to look

In order not to reveal everything, the story of the second season ended when the characters managed to change the facts of the invasion. They achieved this through time travel, when a certain character traveled to the past to avoid the invasion. Therefore, it can be expected that the theory of time travel will be further explored. There is also a theory that invasion is always possible. This means that the character may not have been able to stop the invasion. Besides that, there are other questions that will need to be answered.

Seasons 1 and 2 each have eight episodes. War of the Worlds is currently available on Epix in the United States. Epix offers on-demand streaming, a TV channel, and a mobile app. By the way, the series is also available on Prime Video. Viewers can purchase the premium subscription and stream the series.