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“Virgin River” Season 4: Everything We Know

July 10, 2021

Netflix’s Virgin River series is the equivalent of a warm hug – with small-town settings reminiscent of Gilmore Girls and Friday Night Lights and unforgettable characters, it’s the perfect cozy drama to snuggle up to. Fans agree: While Netflix doesn’t share viewership stats, the series is popular enough to quietly renew for a fourth season, even before the streaming service airs Virgin River’s third season on July 9. This is according to the What’s on Netflix site, which reports that filming for Virgin River’s fourth season should begin in late July, just a few weeks after the third season’s premiere.

It’s important to note that Netflix hasn’t confirmed this information, but the timing of season 3 was such that Netflix certainly quietly renewed it and put the season into pre-production before making an official announcement. It makes sense that the same is true for season four, especially since there are 25 books, yes, you read that right, in the Robyn Carr series Virgin River that the Netflix series is based on.

When will the fourth season of Virgin River be released?

In our opinion: July 2022. Here’s why: Virgin River’s seasons two and three launched just seven months apart, but you shouldn’t expect such a short gap between seasons three and four. According to the What’s on Netflix site, which, it should be noted, was right about the season 3 schedule, filming for season 4 is scheduled to begin in late July 2021 and end in late November.

Virgin River is unlikely to launch in early 2022, just a few months after packaging, and July 2022 would make sense – it would be a year after the Season 3 premiere, and it would give the team plenty of time to set the season on. anticipation of another summer release date.

What will be the theme of the fourth season?

There are no spoilers here, but Virgin River season 3 ended in suspense for many characters, especially Preacher, whose situation at the end of the season almost made my heart stop, and of course. Mel and Jack, who will be forced to face a circumstance. that could tear them apart. Not to mention Hope and Doc, who ended season 3 in… well, no spoilers, but it’s not a good place.

No one knows what’s going to happen to these cliffhangers, but we do have a glimpse of the storylines of season 4, based on what the show put together in season 3 – we’ll see Ricky make a decision about his engagement, and potentially leave Virgin. River, and Lizzie, behind. We will probably see Paige again and hopefully her reunion with Christopher. Charmaine is likely to give birth to twins, and we could see a custody showdown between her and Todd, and Jack, the biological father of her children. And speaking of Jack, we were finally able to find out who killed him.