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Tsukipro The Animation 2 Episode 3 Release Date, Spoilers, Recap, Watch Online

July 16, 2021

Tsukipro The Animation 2 Episode 3 will be released next week. TSUKIPRO THE ANIMATION 2 is the story of young people who want to become the greatest idols. Students will take their places on stage on February 2, 2015 at a third year expedition party. Sora told the students that they all received encouragement. The guys sat down and talked about the upcoming live event in late July 2021. Morihito is providing the workbooks for all the guys who will be performing at the next live event. Soushi read the book and talked about Tsukipro Live’s Summer Carnival 2021.

The Solids, Quelle, Growth, and Soara’s Unity were discussed by Morihito. Ren reminds the children that the event will be held for two days this year and that it will be held live with four teams on the second day. Nozomu says the hot summer this year is another sign. Soushi realizes that Nozomu and Sora are having a party and tells them to save energy until summer; Ren says that they were helpless before the event. Eichi reminds the boys that they are invited to join the concert for the sixth time and that the agency’s reputation is at stake.

Sora says they can do it, and Soushi says that her boss has been upset. Soara says she can. Morihito says that he would like to live a life that exceeds his expectations. Eichi told them that this time they would play a new song, but it is a large room. Eichi talked about his show. He told them to play together with the music. He told them that Morihito realized that they could not move with the instruments present and that he wanted to create a version that everyone could see in the audience, from anywhere.


Soushi says Mori looks right at home in his suit and works as a regular company employee. Ren says Mori works effectively both at Spara and as a Tsukipro employee. Sora and Nozomu say that Mori is a skilled adult. Eichi reminds the boy to listen to his diagrams. You sit down and start reading your plans. Sora noticed and wanted to talk to Mori, but saw that Mori was busy.

The recording guy shows you the roles of Ren, Sora, Eichi, Soushi, and Nozomi. The recording type reminds the guys that Mori is the first to record, but if something happens, they will try to change it. Soushi says she has a problem with traffic. Nozomi replies that Mori didn’t come here. The recording guy realizes that Mori’s work is busy and he works at Tsukipro.

tsukipro the animation 2 episode 3 release date

The release date for Tsukipro The Animation 2 Episode 3 is July 21, 2021. We expect Tsukipro The Animation 2 Episode 3 to air in different time zones depending on your location.

Where to watch episode 3 of Tsukipro the Animation 2?

You can watch TSUKIPRO THE ANIMATION 2 Episode 3 online on HIDIVE. Tsukipro’s anime, The Animation 2, will stream online weekly.