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TSUKIMICHI-Moonlit Fantasy Episode 2 –

July 9, 2021

TSUKIMICHI-Moonlit Fantasy is back with the final episode after making its debut. The anime begins with an explanation of how to normally perform an Isekai Adventures. A benevolent goddess grants heroic power to a mortal, and the hero becomes loved by the inhabitants of the other world. The hero joins adventures with cute heroines thinking that things will work out accordingly, but it ends up being the opposite. The heroines of the young man turned into the bad guys and changed his life and were hunted by everyone in the new world. The young man has been abandoned and finds himself living in ruins.

The young man realizes that he has learned something since he arrived in the other world. He thinks he’s incredibly unlucky when it comes to Isekai. The man is revealed to be Misumi Makoto, who believes her life has turned into a joke. Things started on a typical day and Makoto enjoys having breakfast with his family. After school, Makoto trained in archery and went home for dinner. The boy takes a bath and decides to surf the web and read. Makoto realizes that his father’s new book has come out.

Makoto takes the book and decides to read it while eating. A mysterious incident occurs when he is teleported to another world. Makoto wonders why he falls out of space while in his room. The title of the episode is “Night 1, failed hero.” As he falls, Makoto hears a strange voice and asks who this guy is. The guy asks him if he would believe him if he said he is God. Makoto says he thinks he’s talking to God.

Previously on tsukimichi-Moonlit Fantasy Episode 1

God reminds Makoto that he is about to enter another world and that he can give his signature to indicate his consent. Makoto wonders what is going on since suddenly he cannot be transported on an Isekai. God responds that the higher ups are running out of ideas and are summoning Makoto because they are running out of options.

The ruler of the Night Realm, Tsukuyomi, appears and reveals that he came here to make Makoto a hero and deliver him to the otherworldly goddess. Makoto asks if this guy is Tsukiyomi-no-Makoto and one of the three noble children in Japanese mythology. Tsukiyomi replies that Makoto knows what he’s doing since he knows everything about him.

The goddess of another world

Makoto wonders why Tsukiyomi appeared here, and Tsukiyomi reveals that Makoto’s parents are in another world. Makoto realizes that he is too young and that he will not meet his relatives. Tsukiyomi says that due to circumstances, Makoto’s parents signed a contract with the otherworldly goddess and came to Japan. They agreed that one day they would deliver what is most important to them. Makoto realizes that he is the most important man in his family.

Makoto asks if he refuses to go, it means that they will take one of his sisters, Yukiko or Mari. Tsukiyomi replies that Makoto knows this well, and the young man decided to cooperate and said that he would go to another world. Makoto realizes that he loves his sister very much and that he is willing to sacrifice his life for them. Tsukiyomi advises Makoto not to worry, as he will get rid of many products that Makoto owns, which represent men’s dreams. Makoto praises Tsukiyomi and says that he is a God.

The two finish up the paperwork and Tsukiyomi says the contract looks good. Tsukiyomi asks Makoto about the letter he wants to give to his parents, and Makoto replies that it is just the note that he wants his family to keep. Tsukiyomi performs magic to send Makoto to another world and give him powers that he will use in another world. The Goddess makes Makoto disappear, and Tsukiyomi yells if they intend to take Makoto away without saying hello. Later, Makoto arrives in another world and becomes a failure as a hero. Life begins to be difficult for Makoto as he tries to fit into another world.

Tsukimichi-Moonlit Fantasy episode 2 release date

The release date of Episode 2 of Tsukimichi-Moonlit Fantasy is July 14, 2021. You can watch TSUKIMICHI-Moonlit Fantasy online on Crunchyroll.