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Tom Brady reveals he has no regrets stepping away after Gisele Bundchen divorce

November 14, 2022

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen have officially split, ending their 13-year marriage. Now fans have been keeping their eyes peeled for the latest news about the two, and the NFL icon doesn’t seem to have any regrets about the end of his marriage.

If Brady had his way, he reportedly wouldn’t change a thing. The seven-time Super Bowl champion has no regrets about his decision to retire, despite the poor start to the season and his divorce from Bundchen.

The 45-year-old told reporters via Page Sixthat he returned to the pitch because he felt he wanted to compete. He even spoke to the team about his plans and they were thrilled to have him back.

When asked if he regretted his career moves, he replied: zero, no. Definitely not. He explained that he has no regrets about those kinds of things, adding that when he commits to something, he’s always serious.

Brady went on to say that he did his best and tried to give everything he could for this special occasion. However, the quarterback didn’t directly address his split from Bundchen.

Instead, he spoke about his team and said the frustrating part was that they didn’t play the way they could, which was due to a variety of reasons. The father of three explained that it was a very important game for them and that they simply had to win this game and assured that he would take care of it, referring to their game against the Seattle Seahawks in Germany.

Speaking of cuffs, rumor has it that the Victoria’s Secret angel looked unrecognizable after he was spotted on vacation in Costa Rica with his two children, Vivian Lake and Benjamin Rein and Brady. The 42-year-old reportedly looked unrecognizable.

After announcing their split and confirming their divorce, the Brazilian beauty went on vacation, likely to take a break from the media and enjoy her alone time. However, one publication seemed to notice that her looks were very different from when she’d dressed up as a supermodel.

She is said to have gained two or three pounds and her hair is unmanageable. It has been said that this is an exaggeration of her appearance, but it was an image the public was not used to seeing of her. After reportedly changing a tattoo honoring Brady, Bundchen appeared ready to face life alone with herself and two children, without her former husband.