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Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen Divorce Rumors: Relationship expert believes NFL icon’s inconsistency is marring 13-year marriage

October 21, 2022

A relationship expert opens up on Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s divorce rumors and theories about the possible reasons behind their alleged split. The pro believes the model is feeling neglected and unloved while the NFL icon seems confused.

It’s widely believed that the misunderstanding between Brady and Bundchen stems from the former’s decision to continue his football career after retiring last year. Relationship counselor Jo Hemmings thinks the disagreement marred their 13-year marriage.

He explained to The Sunthat inconsistency in a relationship can be confusing and unsettling and the famous quarterback may be unsure of what he feels and wants in his life. This confusion may have made his wife feel neglected and unloved.

He added that the estranged couple also needed to urgently address their issues, or else they would be doomed. He believed that only through proper communication and open conversations could they resolve their differences.

Hemmings explained that if either of you puts your career first, it can be a wake-up call when you realize you need, or even want, to find the time to include family life in this embedded pattern. He went on to say that Brady seems to benefit more from his job than his personal life.

He went on to say that Brady may be unsettled and fears that without validation and professional fulfillment he would lose his purpose. The sports icon may also be afraid that others might fill the role he felt was destined for him.

As such, Brady might find it difficult to strike a balance between work and personal life, leaving neither of them with the right amount of time. Even if he and Bundchen tried to mend their marriage, it might be too late.

Amid the divorce rumors, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers player revealed at a press conference Thursday, Oct. 20 that there was no retirement in my future. Several reports have alleged that Brady and Bundchen had already hired divorce lawyers after the former announced his resignation and later reversed his decision.

Sources revealed that their friends hated that Brady didn’t want to compromise and enforce his resignation. They were reportedly upset that he was going back on his word and coming out of retirement.

Alternatively, Brady told opposite Varietythat he realized he had less than five years, but some believe he could retract his testimony. Both Brady and Bundchen are keeping quiet about the divorce rumors surrounding them.