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Tokyo Revengers Episode 5 Release Date & More

May 3, 2021

Takemichi gets on a train with Hinata and finds the students laughing at the video on their cell phones. They bother you and point out that they are too loud. He realizes that he has to protect Hinata because some people want to kill her. Hina walks up to these bullies and tells them to shut up because the tired adults are coming home from work. It tells them that there are elderly people and that they are busy occupying all the space. The trio saw Hina’s beauty and a bit of her breasts and decided to give the old men some space.

The elders thank Hina for having managed to silence the punks. They are on a peaceful journey. Hina thanks Takemichi for shopping with her. She asks him about his exams and he replies that he never thought about it. Hina asks him if he has a dream, and Takemichi realizes that he has never planned anything in his life. He decides to help Takemichi study. The two head to Hinata’s house. Takemichi is excited as he looks inside Hina’s room. He realizes that he has never been in a girl’s room.

Previously in Tokyo Revengers Episode 4

Hina’s mother comes to Hina’s room; she says she didn’t know because she didn’t prepare anything. He brings them some juice and points out that Hina has brought a child home. Hina realizes that her mother will continue to bring them food to learn more about Takemichi. She tells him to stop as they are busy, but her mother starts asking her about Takemichi’s grades and tells her that he is cute. She asks if they are in the same class. Hina manages to get her mother to leave, but she asks if Takemichi is her boyfriend when he’s at the door.

Hina closes the door and the two start studying. Takemichi is not interested in studying, but decides to study since Hina is there. Hina thanks Takemichi for taking care of her brother. Takemichi wonders what he’s talking about. Hina reveals that her brother told her that Takemichi saved her from some criminals. He starts talking about his family. Hina reveals that her father is busy and that it is difficult for him to return home. He also says that Naoto and his father are not on good terms, and that Naoto does not like his father.

She reveals that Naoto wants to be like her father even if he doesn’t love her. Hina says that her father is a policeman and Takemichi says that Naoto has become a policeman. Hina is shocked, and she replies that Naoto is still young, he has not yet become a police officer. Takemichi realizes that he is from the future and that he saw Naoto as a policeman. The day Naoto met Takemichi in the future, Naoto told Takemichi to protect Hina. In the future, Hina was killed by one of the Majin gang members.

Takemichi has traveled through time to save Hinata. He tells Hina that he was dreaming when he tells her that Naoto is the police officer. Takemichi realizes that Naoto saved his life in the future. He comments that Naoto will become a great police officer. Hina comments that Takemichi has changed. She knows that Takemichi used to date heartless thugs. Takemichi asks him why he talks like this. Hina comments that Takemichi is nicer than before and more mature.

He says it feels like he’s talking to someone much older. Later, they go up to the roof and watch the fireworks. Takemichi realizes that this is good and that it never happened in his previous life. She shows him a heart in the sky and asks if he has seen it. Takemichi comments that he shouldn’t stay here forever, but she didn’t listen to him. He realizes that if he returns to the future, he will live in a world without Hina. He remembers his future where he met Sendo Atsushi, the upper echelon.

Release date for Tokyo Revengers Episode 5

Tokyo Revengers episode 5 will be released on Sunday, May 9, 2021 at 2:08 am JST. You can watch Tokyo Revengers online on Crunchyroll.