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Tokyo Revengers Episode 22: What’s the release date and spoilers?

August 31, 2021

Tokyo Revengers Episode 22: What's the release date and spoilers?

Tokyo Manji Gang vs. Valhalla begins with Episode 22 of Tokyo Revengers with Takemichi and people like Baji trying to take down Kisaki Tetta. The premiere is scheduled for next weekend. Tokyo Revengers has revealed the war between the various motorcycle gangs since Takemichichi lost his love. In the recent episode of Tokyo Revengers, Baji defeated fifty men on his own, but fell to his knees as he was about to kill Kisaki Tetta. Kisaki smiled after realizing that Baji hadn’t killed him. Blood begins to flow from his mouth and he realizes that he does not have the energy to face Kisaki.

Baiji falls unconscious and Takemichi wonders why. Chifuya notices that Baiji is standing in a pool of blood and wonders who stabbed him. Takemichi realizes that during the battle, Kazutora stabbed Baji, who said it was just a scratch. Takemichi realizes that it is a serious injury and wonders if Baji will be out. The title of the episode is “One and Only”. Takemichi remembers what Draken told him, and that if Baji dies, that’s what Kissaki wanted. Kissaki comments that Kazutora is angry since he took Baji to Valhalla to finish him off.

Mikey gets up and Kisaki confirms to Mikey that Kazutora is the culprit. Takemichi realizes that Kisaki is pulling all the strings and causes Mikey to believe that Kazutora killed Baji. Mikey is furious and ready to go and says he waited until he got out of jail to kill him. Every day Mikey thought about killing Kaztora. But the one who stopped Mikey is Baji, who is on the verge of death. Mikey walks over and realizes that Baji may be dead or already dead.

Previously in Tokyo Revengers Episode 21

Mikey reveals what Baji told him because Kaztora wanted to make Mikey happy by giving him a new motorcycle for his birthday. But things changed when Kaztora accidentally killed Mikey’s brother. Takemichi realizes that Mikey is angry and that no one can tell him anything. Mikey lands on the ground where Kaztora is kneeling. Even the Valhalla gang backs down, because if they block Mikey, they’re dead. Everyone on the battlefield is shaking, and so is Dranken. Mikey tells Draken that the fight is over and Hanma is shocked.

Hanma tries to be tough and asks Mikey who he is to decide that the war is over. Mikey throws a signature kick that knocks Hanma out and says it’s over. The Valhalla gang wonders if this is a ruse, as their Hanma pillar was knocked out with a single hit. One of the Valhalla Gang members comments that “Dude is bad news, run” and they start to run away. Kazutora comments that betraying is part of human nature and that they can end up with one of them dying. Mikey lands a right hook that sends Kazutora to the ground. Takemichi realizes that Kaztora is no match and that it is his end.

Mikey starts hitting Kazutora like a ball, and Kaz has nothing to say as he can’t land a single hit. Takemichi realizes that they are heading towards the future where he came from. Before dying, he realizes that Hanma is the one who sold him and forces him to stab Baji. Baji reveals that the captain of the 3rd Division is Pan, and that Pah is the only one. Takemichi decides to stop Mikey and Kaztora, but pays by eating Mikey’s punches. Takemichi explains Baji’s story and the fight ends. Mikey discovers the truth behind Baji by keeping Toman’s bracelet. The team realizes that Baji’s dream is to reunite Toman.

Release date for Tokyo Revengers Episode 22

Tokyo Revengers-Episode 22 will be released on September 5, 2021 at 2:08 am.Don’t miss the remaining two episodes of this anime on Sunday. The latest episode aired online on Saturday. Check out the latest official Tokyo Revengers updates below.

Where to watch Tokyo Revengers episode 22

You can watch Tokyo Revengers episode 22 online on Crunchyroll, Muse Asia, and ANIPLUS. Tokyo Revengers episodes have English subtitles on their streaming platforms. This anime has updated its daily news online.