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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 265 Release Date, Spoilers: What Makes Mikey Switch to the Dark Side?

August 8, 2022

Chapter 265 of Tokyo Revengers could be the last episode dedicated to Mikey’s story. With this, the fans could finally get all the answers to the questions about this character.

The next chapter will have 26 pages and a colored title page. So if it actually ends Mikey’s story, the series could return to the present.

In recent highlights it has been pointed out that some of the questions that need to be answered are the reason behind Mikey’s decision to go into the dark. Is he hiding something in himself?

Sure, a monster may be within him, but what feeds it? The publication states that two people are responsible for the storm in Mikey’s life: Takemichi and Kisaki.

These two appeared at the end of the previous chapter, and for Mikey, they were both an important part of his future. Takemichi and Kisaki hold two different views on strength.

They affect Mikey’s perception of change in two different ways, and readers may see more of them in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 265, like this Epic dope. Meanwhile, if Kazutora and Baji decide to simply give Mikey a card and chocolates for his birthday, the chapter will end abruptly.

But that could lead to something much bigger. Fans could also see more first scenes from Draken and Emma in the next chapter as the two grow closer.

In Tokyo Revengers Chapter 264, Mikey always looked forward to visiting his mother weekly while fighting other kids, like Anime News and Facts reported. Despite being in the hospital, he often boasted about how his opponents cried when he defeated them.

His mother told him that children cry easily, so Mikey asked if his father was like that. His mother began to wonder if his father was also crying publicly and simply telling him that he was a hopeless man.

Mikey noticed that she only talked about his father when they were together and her smile was different. The day came when Shinichiro informed him that the hospital had called because Mikey’s mother was in critical condition.

When they got there, they learned it might be the last time they could speak to her. As always, Mikey bragged about his winnings and told her that strong men don’t cry, so neither would he.

He then promised to protect her, but his mother told him that he was strong because he didn’t cry. She even told him that he was a crybaby as a child.

Although this made Mikey angry, his mother laughed. After three days she died. Mikey, Emma and their grandfather came but Mikey left to cry alone.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 265 will be released on Tuesday, August 9th.