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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 259 Release Date, Spoilers: Will Taiju Fight Hanma?

June 27, 2022

The fights will get even more intense in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 259 with the appearance of Taiju Shiba. The raw scans of the new chapter have now emerged and suggest a fight that the eldest Shiba sibling will be preparing.

Taiju rammed his motorcycle into Sanzu as soon as he entered the battlefield. So who will he face in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 259?

In recent highlights, it was pointed out that one of the main players to eliminate before Mikey is Hanma. There are theories that Taiju will fight him next, but it remains to be seen what will happen.

Mitsuya may have led Taiju to the fight after yelling at him about the uniform. However, the big question is what chances he will offer Toman.

As a strong ally, Taiju should help Toman have a better chance of winning this war. With their renewed strength and morale, the party will be ready to fight again.

Meanwhile, the raw footage of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 259 reveals what the most anticipated confrontation in the series will be like, according to SportsKeeda. The first part of the raw scan shows Taiju and Takemichi having a conversation at the train tracks.

Sanzu lies unconscious under Taiju’s motorcycle. Later, there seems to be a flashback of Mitsuya and Taiju that may have happened before the latter came to Toman.

Another shot shows Mikey getting ready for a fight, followed by Hanma’s signature sarcastic grin. Takemichi and Taiju then join the fight together.

Taiju takes out several Kantou members before confronting two unknown figures. The last image shows Taiju telling Takemichi that he is the only one who can defeat Mikey, who is staring blankly at someone in front of him.

So who does Taiju fight in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 259? He could face Benkei and Wakasa knowing they were the first generation Black Dragons while he was the President of the 10th Generation.

He too might be the only Toman member who can fight the two at the same time. There is also a possibility that Mikey and Hanma will confront him together.

With everyone looking forward to seeing Takemichi take on Mikey, this time the two might finally face each other while Taiju takes charge to meet Hanma. It’s also possible that Taiju is encouraging Takemichi to finally face off against Mikey, as speculation is mounting about this.

Whatever the case, fans will see what will happen next in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 259 when it releases on Wednesday, June 29th.