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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233: release date, where to read, and recap

November 27, 2021

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233: release date, where to read, and recap

Mikey vs South begins with Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233, with Mikey defeating Kakoucho. This caught South’s attention, and he decided to confront Mikey leaving the head of the BRAHMAN. The fight between the Three Deities turned intense after Kakoucho attacked Mikey and Senju punished South. But South sent Senju flying and began to dominate her. The tide turns after Mikey punishes Kakoucho. In the final chapter of Tokyo Revengers, Takemichi realizes that Mikey and South are about to collide and questions the vision he had earlier. South is happy to face Mikey and wants to avenge Kakouchou.

He calls Mikey by his real name Sano Manjirou. Takemichi wonders what is going to happen and tries to yell “Mikey-kun”. Kakoucho is unconscious and Senju is standing. Takeomi looks at Senju and Mikey and wonders what these two are doing. Senju tells Mikey to get out of his way as she is the one punishing South. Mikey asks Senju if she wants to be the next to die and Senju realizes that Mikey is serious. Takemichi feels like he’s getting a killer vibe.

Sud throws two punches and tells Mikey to start the Requiem final with him. Mikey takes those two punches like nothing and smashes South’s face with his trademark kick. South is happy that this gives them more entertainment, and his strength is even though that kick hurts. He realizes that he was looking for a formidable opponent like Mikey. Mikey continues to send out massive kicks as he listens to South praise his fight. South says the pace is unstoppable, and the two are shocked to see a boy between them. The chapter is titled “Two tango are needed”.

Previously in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232

Mikey and South stopped spraying each other with barricades and wanted to see who dared to stop their fight. Mikey was injured in parts of his body. The two discover that Takemichi is stopping their fight, and South wonders if this guy wants to die. Mikey realizes that Takemichi is like that. Takemichi tells Mikey that they can stop the fight. South scolds Takemichi for stopping them. South’s face is smashed like he’s been hit by a train. Takemichi reveals that if they don’t stop the fight, South is going to die.

Mikey ignores Takemichi and reveals that he is here to destroy the Destroyer. Takemichi realizes that this fight could be unstoppable. South tells Mikey that his body can still move. Takemichi realizes that this fight is like Mikey versus Kazutora and wonders if Mikey has turned into a murderer; Mikey realizes that Takemichi is holding things back and breaks his arm on a flying knee. Takemichi wonders why Mikey did this and is in great pain. Mikey tells Takemichi he’s coming, and Takemichi falls to his knees. Mikey confronts South.

He asks South how he wants to die, and South is surprised with a squishy face and a swollen eye. South cannot see with a swollen eye and only uses one eye. Takemichi yells at Mikey, telling him not to kill South. But South is still arrogant even though he knows Mikey is defeating him and his level is dropping. Members of all the gangs are down, and some have realized that if they try to wake up, Mikey will not forgive them. Only Takeomi, Senju, Mikey, Takemichi and South are the standing boys. Mikey is about to deliver the fatal blow.

Tokyo Revengers – Chapter 233 release date

Tokyo Revengers-Chapter 233 will be released on December 1, 2021. Takemichi deals with his hand, trying to convince Mikey. Takemichi sheds tears and wonders if this vision will come true, as there is no one who can stop Mikey. Mikey won’t let South go since Draken is no longer alive. Check out the official details of Tokyo Revengers-Chapter 233 and other more recent updates for this manga below.

Where to read Tokyo Revengers-Chapter 233 online? Raw details

You will be able to read Tokyo-Revengers-Chapter 233 online on various websites. The spoilers for Tokyo-Revengers-Chapter 233 will arrive before next Tuesday; then the final chapter will be released on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, depending on the country you are in. The fight between the Three Deities will soon be over as only Mikey and South will have to settle their scores. Meet at the exit of Tokyo-Revengers-Chapter 233.