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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 225 spoilers, release date, read manga online

October 4, 2021

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 225 spoilers, release date, read manga online

We were all shocked by Draken’s death, and many of us had expected Mikey to intervene earlier than expected. Mikey’s reaction to Draken’s death will be revealed in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 225.

The fact that Tereno South had no intention of killing Draken ended up working in his favor. He wasted no time in declaring war on the Brahmin Band, and the Brahmin Band waged war on him in turn. When the indomitable Mikey arrived, a full-scale gang war was about to break out. He has kept a low profile most of the time, but the death of his closest friend will have a profound effect on him.

After Draken’s death, Takemichi was in shock and couldn’t recover after seeing such a gruesome scene. After all, it was because of him that he had to get there, and now he was powerless to save the only person who could resurrect Mikey from the dead. Takemichi has assumed all of Draken’s obligations, and it is now his responsibility to restore Mikey to his former self. Read For More Tokyo Revengers Chapter 225 Spoilers Release Date Read Manga Online

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 224 Summary

Before in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 224; Although Draken had left this planet, the carnage had only just begun. At Rokuhara Tandai’s lair, their leader congratulated his men for defeating Draken and then killing him. Meanwhile, Takemichi was on the brink of collapse. Senju called out to him several times, but he didn’t answer, as if he was stunned. Remembering the moment the doctors told him they couldn’t save Draken, he regretted it. We were surprised when Akashi appeared and started attacking them.

Is it true that Draken is no longer with us? I ask. He made it clear to Senju that Rokuhara would not get away with his crimes and that they would have to be held accountable. Benkei complied with Akashi’s orders and rallied the rest of the group before launching an attack on them. The Senju intervened and asked him if he had lost his mind. He was adamant not to initiate the conflict between the three gods in this way. Akashi replied that there was no more conflict. It had turned into a savage slaughter since Draken was assassinated.

The Rokuhara Tandai members, who had arrived en masse, ended their discussion. At the same time that they mourned the loss of Draken, they planned to attack Brahman. When the fight between the two gangs seemed to be about to break out, they all froze when they heard a familiar noise. It was the sound of Mikey’s motorcycle arriving on the scene. To sum up the chapter, Takemichi was shocked by Mikey’s unexpected input.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 225 Spoilers

After the death of vice, the captain of the Tokyo Manji Gang has arrived, and we will see his reaction in the next chapter. Tokyo Revengers Chapter 225 hasn’t aired yet, but don’t worry, we’ll be uploading spoilers for the next chapter on our website the next day.

Tokyo Revengers chapter 225 release date

The Tokyo Revengers manga is on the rise, and its fan base has grown rapidly since the anime adaptation was released. According to reports from Tokyo Revengers, the most recent release schedule New Chapter: Tokyo Revengers Chapter 225 will be released on October 6, 2021. It is also possible that the chapter will be released earlier than expected, so fans should be on the lookout. at this point. .

Where can I read Tokyo Revengers Chapter 225?

The official licensee for Tokyo Revengers Chapter 225 is Kodanshacomics, and fans can purchase the individual volumes by visiting their official websites. They can also visit other private websites to keep up to date with the latest chapters. We will continue to publish articles about Tokyo Revengers. Keep an eye on us until then.