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To Your Eternity Episode 3 Release date and time

April 22, 2021

To Your Eternity returned for a new episode this week, and it looks like the Studio Brain base is bringing us a real weekly tear. Our hitherto nameless main characters constantly make new and painful discoveries about the world, but there is an irresistible sweetness to their encounters.

Unlike Episode 1, which is more complete, Episode 2 left us questions and concerns. Are you ready for the next step? If so, keep reading. Below is our handy guide with information on To Your Eternity Episode 3, including when the episode aired, how to watch it, and more.

To Your Eternity Episode 2: Summary

To Your Eternity is a 20 episode anime. Adapts an award-winning manga series, written and illustrated by Yoshitoki Oima. Follow an enigmatic, nameless, and emotionless immortal being. The being can take any form, sentient or not, but it begins without any identity.

Disclaimer: If you haven’t seen To Your Eternity Episode 2 yet, you may want to skip to the next section and come back if you want to refresh your memory before Episode 3. It’s best to approach this anime with as little knowledge as possible. .

In episode 2, our anonymous main character took the form of the white-haired boy who took care of “it” when “it” turned into a wolf. Without knowing how to take care of a human body, our main character dies several times but always comes back to life.

Attention then turns to March, a young woman chosen by her people as a human sacrifice. All March wanted was to grow up and become an adult, but she agreed to the plan first, fearing that her little sister would be sacrificed instead. Finally, she runs away. Along the way, she meets our main character, who died in a lake and is resurrected in front of her.

The white-haired boy still behaves like a canine, never having learned the ways of humans. March is initially frustrated by “his” lack of language and gluttony, but the two begin to become friends. However, March is not yet certain. Bitten by guilt, she has nightmares. Will there be a happy ending for her? Stay tuned to Episode 3 to find out.

To Your Eternity episode 3 release date

To Your Eternity Episode 3 airs on Monday, April 26 in Japan and other time zones. Crunchyroll premium users will be able to watch it immediately, while non-premium users will have to wait a few weeks.

To Your Eternity Episode 3 Release Time

To Your Eternity is scheduled to air on April 26 at 10:50 p.m. ET. If these times are correct, To Your Eternity episode 3 will air in the different time zones as follows:

Pacific Time: 6:50 am
Central time: 8:50 am
Eastern Time: 9:50 am
UK time: 2:50 pm

To Your Eternity Episode 3 Where to watch?

The best place to watch To Your Eternity is Crunchyroll. New episodes can be seen weekly with English subtitles. A dubbing is also in the works. As usual, premium users can watch new episodes as soon as they are released, while those who watch free will have to wait a week or more.

Are you curious about Crunchyroll? There is a free trial period, which allows you to decide if the service is right for you. Then the subscription starts from $ 7.99 per month.