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To Your Eternity Episode 13 delayed due to weekly break

June 30, 2021

To Your Eternity will delay the next episode as it will take a weekly hiatus. The new threat arrived at Rean’s 16th birthday party. Rean and Gugu open up to each other, but a tragedy occurs that causes Gugu to fall from the top of the balcony. Before falling, he pushed Rean aside. Fushi was inside the building and felt the presence of the Nokkers. Let’s see how the anniversary story begins. Fushi has spent four years dedicating himself to what he considers his family.

The new family has taught him to behave like a human, and Rean invites the monsters of the two brothers to his house. Gugu and Rean talk about the day Gugu saved Rean, and he’s dead, but Booze Man revives Gugu as a monster working with alcohol. A chunk of the balcony the two of them were on was shattered. Fortunately, Gugu sacrifices himself to save Rean. Rean wants to introduce the boy she loves in front of his parents because he doesn’t want to get involved in a political marriage.

Rean watches Gugu fall from the top and Fushi feels the presence of overwhelming powers. Fushi hears the voice of his creators telling him that the Nokkers have arrived. Find a core in the middle of the mansion, and the tree will grow and destroy everything. Fushi warns the royalty to escape and save Meer before a huge rock falls on him. One of the royals wonders why Fushi is going in the opposite direction. He realizes that the building will collapse and turns into a bear to support the roof of the building. Fushi speaks loudly telling the royals to flee while they still have a chance.

Previously on To Your Eternity Episode 12

The royals start running and wonder where Fushi is, as his transformation happened quickly. The title of the episode is “Awakening.” The episode begins with Rean calling out to Gugu while looking down. Fortunately, Gugu manages to turn into something, and Rean wonders who will help them. The royals come to the rescue and use their expensive jackets to role-play and drive Gugu back. The earthquakes have stopped and Gugu asks the royalty what’s going on.

The royals reveal that the building is starting to collapse and they had no idea. Gugu realizes that Fushi is not there and returns to the building. Inside the building, Fushi, in his bear form, apologizes to Gugu. Fushi says it’s his fault that “IT” is here, but everyone has escaped except for Rean’s parents. Rean’s father tries to help Rean’s mother regain consciousness, but Fushi is still holding the building while protecting them. The two have broken their legs and Fushi told Gugu to help them.

Weak Immortal Monsters

Outside the mansion, royalty witnessed the building collapse. Fortunately, Gugu jumps outside with Rean’s parents. Rean grabs Gugu’s hand when he wants to go back to help Fushi. She tells him to wait and says a word “I”. Gugu gets what he wanted to say and listens to save Fushi. Inside the mansion, Gugu finds Fushi buried under a pile of stones and pulls him out. Fushi comments that the enemy is hiding. The enemy appears as a stone bear.

Gugu shoots fire, trying to burn the enemy and Fushi, but the monster is not flammable and warns Gugu. The two note that the beast has a body in stone armor, and the fire does nothing on the stone. The monster cuts through the ground and the duo fall into the well, but Fushi uses his powers and creates a weapon that helps them return to the battlefield. When they return to the ground, Fushi says that he doesn’t know how to beat this beast. Gugu tells Fushi, who transforms into a snow wolf, to find the weak point and defeat the beast.

The two men climb onto the monster’s back and Fushi transforms into Mars to enter the beast. They begin to cut down the monsters using different weapons that Fushi summons. Gugu sees the core and shoots fire that detonates the beast. But the beast manages to escape. Fushi comments that they are weak immortal monsters. Gugu replies that he will always help Fushi, and that is why they are brothers. Unfortunately, the beast returns and kills Fushi in one fell swoop. Fushi comes back to life and defeats the beast, but Gugu is dead and his real brother has come for the funeral. In the morning, Gugu wakes up and wonders why he is alive and realizes that he woke up as Fushi.

To Your Eternity Episode 13 Release Date

To Your Eternity: Episode 13 was released on July 12, 2021 at 10:50 pm JST. You can watch To Your Eternity online on Crunchyroll.