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This Instagram page is considered rude to G-Dragon for mailing BTS’s V, BLACKPINK’s Jennie

December 9, 2021

In the midst of the follower and unfollower problem around BTS ‘V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie, there is an Instagram account that brings the two together constantly. Netizens praise the site operator for perfectly cropping the photos of the two K-Pop idols, but what about G-Dragon?

Rumors have it that Jennie and G-Dragon are dating. So is it okay for the BIGBANG member to see his alleged girlfriend with another K-pop star, V?

The page in question uses the ID @jen_taetae_, a combination of the names of the two stars. The account is private, but AllKpop has found it often posts edited photos of the two sharing cute moments.

Sure, the site’s operators have incredible editing skills at making it look like the hitmakers are really together, but many feel uncomfortable with it. They said they were disrespectful to V, Jennie, and G-Dragon for doing this.

They are also questioning the people behind these posts as they know the SOLO singer is being attacked for being with the BTS member.

In February, Dispatch revealed that Jennie and G-Dragon have been dating for about a year. But the two kept a low profile, as did their agency YG Entertainment, which stated that they would never comment on the private lives of their artists.

Even so, SCMP reported that the two fan-favorite K-pop stars had a potential romantic story. The two have reportedly had a close relationship.

They first worked together in 2012 when Jennie was still an intern – four years before BLACKPINK officially debuted. It was then that she appeared in his That XX music video.

The photos of Jennie and V together were found rude by internet users. While there is no denying the fact that they look great together, some say that it is still not right.

They name V Human Gucci and Jennie Human Chanel. Others advocate leaving Jennie alone.

The controversy began when V fell victim to an Instagram feature, News18 reported. He accidentally followed Jennie and before he could undo it the damage was already done.

Many had seen the incident and some even took a screenshot of it. Anyway, he quickly hit the unfollow button, but it was too late. This created a mess between the ARMY and Blinks.

Some even crossed the line, leaving a series of malicious comments on Jennie’s posts. Meanwhile, V boldly addressed the issue, asking if there was a way to delete the said Instagram referral feature, saying it was scary.