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The Shrinker Next Door Episode 6 release date, time, and spoiler

November 26, 2021

Dr. Ike has literally moved in with Marty, and we can now clearly see the psychiatrist’s manipulative claws dig deeper and deeper into his unsuspecting patient. Episode 5 gives us a disturbing glimpse of how far Marty is willing to go to help Dr. Pleasing Ike, and with an expensive new property bought at his request, things are likely to get worse. Are you wondering how much worse it can get? Only the next episode can tell us that! Here’s everything we know about The Psychiatrist Next Door episode 6.

The Shrinker Next Door Episode 6 release date

Episode 6 of The Shrink Next Door will air on December 3, 2021 at 12 p.m. ET Apple TV + broadcast. The first three episodes premiered simultaneously on November 12, 2021 on the streaming platform. New episodes of the gritty comedy-drama series are released every Friday.

Where to stream The Shrink Next Door Episode 6 online?

‘The Shrink Next Door’ episode 6 will be available exclusively on the Apple streaming platform – Apple TV +. All new episodes as well as already published episodes are available via the streaming service. Apple TV + also offers a 7-day free trial that you can use to try the series.

The Shrinker Next Door – Episode 6 Spoilers

Episode 6, titled The Party will likely revolve around the housewarming party that Dr. Ike mentions after he got Marty to buy the property next to his family home in the Hamptons. Given that there are some significant leaps in time, this might even be the party we get to see in the show’s opening episode. As expected, we will likely see Marty pay for the event, watching with discomfort as his therapist amused himself at his patient’s expense.

It will also be interesting to see Dr. Ike’s wife, who is still strangely intrusive towards Marty, thinks that her husband is obviously taking advantage of the shy millionaire. While we know Marty is wealthy, it’s also clear that he has neglected his finances. Therefore, in the coming episode, he could finally see how much Dr. Ike costs, which may make him a little suspicious of his friendly therapist’s intentions.

The Shrinker Next Door – Episode 5 – Recap

Episode 5, entitled The Family Tree Begins in 1990. Dr. Ike receives news of his father’s death, and Marty invites him and his family to relax at his family home in the Hamptons. Once there, Dr. Ike quick to make plans to renovate the house. Annoyed by the noisy neighbors who are temporarily renting the larger house next door, he begins to urge Marty to buy it.

They also keep arguing about an old cherry blossom tree that Marty’s parents planted when they bought the house and that the nervous man understandably wants to keep. But every time Marty contradicts him, Dr. Ike angry and threatens to leave the house to get his patient back on line. Eventually Marty begins to cut down his own family tree. The episode ends after a year the tree disappears and Marty Dr. Ike excitedly confirms that he has successfully bought the house next door. Without getting too excited about it, the doctor suggests having a housewarming party.