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The Rising Of The Shield Hero’ Season 3 Update: Will Naofumi’s Story Continue?

June 29, 2022

Fans are now looking forward to The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 3. With Season 2 already over in Japan, will Naofumi’s story continue?

Although the second season has shown a poor performance, many are hoping that The Rising of the Shield Hero season 3 will redeem itself and do well. So what will happen in the next episodes?

Recent highlights pointed out that the source material spans 22 volumes, containing some of the most interesting story arcs. Since season three may not cover more than volume 14, there are enough volumes left to adapt in season four.

Unfortunately, the second season reportedly underperformed compared to the positive ratings of the first season. She only has a rating of 6.85 out of 10 on MyAnimeList, along with a ton of bad reviews.

As this affects the popularity, fan base and sales of the series, many are hoping that the new season will turn things around for the better. If it manages to deliver better content, longtime fans could return and support the series.

While it’s impossible to match the success of Season 1, fans can look forward to a more enjoyable The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 3.

So what will the new season include? She could adapt the Rebuild arc that will eventually continue with the Wrath Dragon arc.

It could also be 13 episodes, containing two story arcs. So what will happen here?

After Naofumi makes a great contribution to the Spirit Turtle Arc, the hero is finally worshiped. He has spent a lot of time and effort coming to terms with Kyo and his atrocities.

Now Naofumi is to be granted land in Melromarc. The heroes are about to do something constructive this time after all the chaos and wars and start the arc of reconstruction.

The protagonists of the series will work together to rebuild Raphthalia’s village and the places under Naofumi.

Meanwhile, Naofumi has come a long way after two seasons. Season two has been one of spring’s most anticipated returns, though things have changed in recent weeks after a rocky start with fans, according to Comicbook.

Luckily, the second story arc was able to change that. The series has officially ended in Japan, but it could still be a while before the English dubbing finishes its run.

The series is now preparing the finale for international viewers with a special trailer and airing the final episode on July 27th. From there the wait for The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 3 begins.