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The magic of a returnee should be a special chapter 160 spoilers and release date

August 5, 2021

A Returner's Magic Should Be Special Chapter 160 Spoilers & Release Date

Desire and her team clashed with a lady responsible for my control over her comrades. The lady with the long red hair greets them and tells them that she thought she was falling asleep while waiting for them. The lady asks them if they want a kiss since they did not hesitate to come. Desir comments that the only thing they have come here for is the evil one and that they need to stop the magic she activates. Let’s find out how Desir and his team go up against the villain in the recent development of A Revenant’s Magic Must Be Special.

The redhead tells the trio that she has made an effort to activate this spell and that, sadly, she cannot undo it. Pram and Adjest swing their swords, and the lady comments that if they are not satisfied with a kiss, they can tell her what they want. The trio didn’t have time to entertain her and show her that they came here to fight. The lady comments that they should know the name of the artist who is about to sculpt them and says that she is Dracul Labute Elkaera. Dracul Labute Elkaera is the last blood mage in this world, and he is also an artist.

Dracul tells the trio that it is time for him to sculpt them. Desir takes a step forward, but his sword is still in his pocket. Dracul tells them that they must be worthy of cultivation, and Desir wields a giant ax that sinks with a magical green aura. Dracul is impressed that Desir is hotheaded and worthy of becoming his puppet. The muscular beastman arrives and lands in front of Dracul. Dracul asks the boy if he wants a kiss to protect her from these henchmen.

A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Chapter 159 – Highlights

Dracul tells these henchmen to back off, and Dracul sends him sweet kisses. Desir receives a message that the enemies have rushed to the building and asks if they should start their plan. Desir tells his men to start the operation, and Dracul is unaware that the building has been surrounded. The Warriors received a message asking them to kill many enemies before Dracul knew it. They start shooting at the enemies, and the high ranking human beasts start beating the humans calling them brats. One of the high ranking Human Beasts wonders why these guys are killing his minions.

The Beast Tribe has discovered a sniper in the Northeast Building, and they must find and kill him. The leader of the Beast Tribe comments that he will kill the trio while the other kills the weak there. The guy jumps up and swings a giant ax in an attempt to cut Desir, but Adjest blocks the blows and tells the big guy to get away as he is his opponent. The leader of the Beast Tribe wonders how a lady dared to challenge him and wants to ruin his reputation by blocking his blows. Adjest manages to bring the fight to the ground while dominating the beast.

Ice Golem: Blood Beast

Dracul shows her that she is a rude, and Adjest frees Pilar Ice, who hits the beast with a shower of ice. Desir talks to Pram as they watch Adjest fight the beast. Desir reminds Pram to brace himself as Raden’s underscore could join the fight by trying to hit Adjest. Stroller replies that he can keep up with his speed and he tells him to go help. Pram comments that he’s going to blow up these guys with a bang and come back quickly.

Dracul tells Desir that there are now two making a couple. Dracul releases a pool of blood and tells Desir that they can start sculpting. Desir unlocks a powerful spell and tells him that he will use the force to dispel his magic. Beastman vs. Adjest continues, and he tells her that she is boring as it tickles him. Adjest uses Aura Concentration: Mount Hurricane against Beast Man and notices his attack angles being read.

The Beastman is impressed that Ajest is more robust than he thought, and decides to fight without holding back the Mana. Adjest retaliates with Frozen Palace. Beast Man comments that these attacks cannot defeat him. Adjest crushes him with an ice golem. The Beastman survives and uses a magic sword: Ice Wave. Desir and Dracul trade massive blows, and Dracul summons the Blood Beast. Desir counters him with Kizard’s Sigh, and she responds with Blood Blast. The battle continues.

A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Chapter 160 Release Date

The release date of Chapter 160 of A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special is August 8, 2021. This manga releases a new chapter every Sunday, unless the manga is delayed. We do not have an official website to read the latest chapters of A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special, but we will update new updates to the chapter A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special every week.