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‘The Glory’: Fans praise Lim Ji Yeon for her acting but advise viewers not to watch the series yet

January 5, 2023

Song Hye Kyo’s new K-drama, The Glory, is currently attracting attention due to the outstanding performance of the leading lady, who is seen as a vengeful woman for the first time – quite different from her usual romantic comedy and drama roles. But alongside Song Joong Ki’s ex-wife’s great acting talent, the series’ villain Lim Ji Yeon is also being lauded for her incredible performance as Park Yeon Jin.

The Glory has put Lim Ji Yeon in the spotlight as she stuns everyone with her portrayal of the villain. The 32-year-old, who is known for her many leading and supporting roles, shows a completely different side in the current K-Drama series.

The actress has made a surprising transformation from good girl to antagonist. Park Yeon Jin leads the group of tyrants who tormented Moon Dong Eun, played by Song Hye Kyo.

AllKpop noted that many were surprised when it was announced that she would be playing the role of the show’s big villain, having been seen frequently in roles of the good nature. Author Kim Eun Sook, however, was confident in her abilities and took the risk of making her the main villain of the series, despite concerns she might screw up since it was her first villain role.

But Lim Ji Yeon easily proved them wrong and showed what she really can do in The Glory. In fact, she surprised everyone more with the naturalness of her acting.

In a discussion Pann Nate one fan said that she acted so well that she got really scary, adding that it was hard to remember her good girl roles after seeing her play Park Yeon Jin. Another said that this role is perfect for her.

As soon as The Glory aired on December 30th, it proved a hit as it peaked at #5 on the Netflix TV category chart on January 1st. Still, some viewers are advising others not to watch the series just yet.

Netflix has split the series into two parts, each with eight episodes, and the second season won’t be out until March. There’s a big cliffhanger after Moon Don Eun begins to seek revenge on her bullies after a decade of meticulous planning.

Fans who were quick to immerse themselves in the story are now frustrated at not seeing a sequel to the series after the three-month wait. The streaming giant has made a habit of releasing all episodes at once, rather than the usual one or two episodes a week for K-Dramas.

But this time he decided to split the series into two parts. Why is that? It is suspected that it has something to do with the channel’s desire to retain its viewers and prevent them from unsubscribing from the series after watching it in one go.