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The face of V for Vendetta is revealed: the mask is a sign of resistance!

January 12, 2023

Key Findings
Revealing the face in V for Vendetta
As a symbol of dissent, V wore a Guy Fawkes mask
There are serious doubts about the morality of V.

The character V was created by Alan Moore and David Lloyd for their V for Vendetta comic book series. He wears a Guy Fawkes mask, has long hair and is dressed all in black; he is a mysterious anarchist, vigilante and freedom fighter.

Face Reveal in V for Vendetta

In the popular comic series V for Vendetta, a character named V takes center stage. V has become a fan favorite among listeners of the show. Many characters in the series are excited to see when he finally takes off the Guy Fawkes mask and shows his face.

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V’s true identity has always been shrouded in mystery, and he’s very good at keeping his anonymity a secret. However, he only takes off his mask once throughout the storyline of V for Vendetta. Only at Surridge’s request does he remove his mask in public, and only then does he turn his back on the audience. That’s why nobody could take a look at his visage. His identity was always veiled because his physical appearance played no role in the plot.

As a symbol of dissent, V wore a Guy Fawkes mask

V hides his identity by putting on a wig and a Guy Fawkes mask. On November 5, 1997, he committed his first major act by destroying the Houses of Parliament. The Catholic conspiracy theorist Guy Fawkes planned to blow up Parliament with a bomb containing a keg of gunpowder.

The gunpowder plan became a patriotic rallying cry after he was arrested before he could carry it out. In the film adaptation, Fawkes is shown actually doing this to reveal his mask. Guy Fawkes Day originally marked the ritual burning of an effigy of Fawkes.

Moore thwarted that plan by having V destroy those structures, and David Lloyd put that frozen smile to good use throughout the book. Many people have worn masks in protest after seeing the film. Ironically, Time Warner controls the image rights and makes a profit on every mask sold (according to the New York Times). The hacking group Anonymous is known for using the Guy Fawkes mask in their online attacks on the CIA, KKK, Church of Scientology and various corporations.

To hide their identities and express their dissatisfaction, Hong Kong protesters often used masks during the Occupy movement.

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There are serious doubts about the morality of V.

While highly engaging and story-driven, Alan Moore’s protagonists are rarely heroes. This is especially true for Rorschach dating Watchmen and William Gull from From Hell, but also for V. Moore leaves the morality of V’s actions open to interpretation, even if he’s interested in anarchy.

V is primarily a