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The ending of You Won’t Be Alone is explained

May 1, 2022

Directed by Goran Stolevski, You Won’t Be Alone is a 2022 horror film produced by Kristina Ceyton and Sam Jennings and directed by Focus features is expelled. The main roles are played by Sara Klimoska, Alice Anglert, Anamaria Marinca and Felix Maritaud.

The film takes place on a remote mountain called Macedonia in the 19th century. He follows a young witch who sets foot in the woods. Curious about how people live, she accidentally kills one of the villagers in order to take his form and live as a lifelike human. Let’s explain the ending of You Won’t Be Alone.

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You Won’t Be Alone Plot Summary

In 19th century Macedonia, a mother is waiting for the child she has been waiting for so long. A cat enters her house and eventually turns into an old woman. The mother realizes that it is old Maria, a witch who has haunted her village.

Maria tells her that she came to fetch her child because she needs a successor. The mother asks her to raise the girl until she is 16, and Maria surprisingly agrees. The mother leaves Nevana in a temple and does not allow her to leave the place.

Nevana spends her days in isolation in the temple, unaware of the outside world. The mother visits her daughter every day and so 16 years have passed. One day a crow comes to the temple and the mother tries to kill it.

However, she fails and the witch kills her and takes her form. Maria takes Nevana outside, where she sees the outside world for the first time. She is fascinated by the world and its creatures, which repels Maria. Maria leaves Nevana and now she is on her own.

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Nevana’s many forms

After visiting a house and accidentally killing a mother, Nevana takes on the form of Bosilka. She learns how women are treated by men, but doesn’t understand the main reason why. One day her husband tries to impose himself on her, but she accidentally stabs him to death.

She then lures Boris and tries to get intimate with him, but when he becomes dominant, she kills him too. Afterwards, she has an intimate moment with Boris’ wife, who she remembers helping her when she was in the guise of Bosilka. After leaving the form of Boris, Nevana takes the form of a little girl named Bilina.

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You Won’t Be Alone ending explained – Did Nevana survive?

Nevana has a happy childhood in the guise of Bilina and grows up in a life full of adventures. Eventually she falls in love with her childhood sweetheart Jovan and the two get married. One day, Nevana decides to show her real self to her husband.

Jovan’s initial reaction is shocking, but later he tells Nevana that he loves her for who she is on the inside, her outward appearance doesn’t matter. Nevana becomes pregnant and spends her days happily. However, one day Maria returns in the form of a wild boar and stabs Jovan to death.

A few days later, she gives birth to her child and keeps it to herself, fearing that Maria might take her too. The inevitable happens and Maria cuts the baby’s throat as well. An enraged Nevana performs a ritual on herself, and the baby’s wounds begin to heal.

Maria tells why she had it all easy while still being plagued by nightmares of being burned. Shortly after these words, Nevana finally stabs Maria, putting her out of his misery.

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