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The ending of Along the Ride is explained

May 8, 2022

Directed by Sofia Alvarez and produced by Bryan Unkeless and Eric Newman, Along the Ride is a 2022 American drama film that is produced by Netflix is expelled. Emma Pasarow stars in the lead role, with Belmont Cameli, Kate Bosworth, Laura Karioki and Andie McDowell in supporting roles.

The film focuses on the characters Auden and Eli, both of whom suffer from insomnia. The film explores the adventures of Auden and Eli as they delve into the world where everyone sleeps and experience something beyond expectations. Let’s explain the ending of Along the Ride.

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Along with the Ride Plot Summary

Auden is a smart girl and her family recently moved to Colby. Auden had high expectations of her father, but he was too busy with his book. Meanwhile, her stepmother was an extremely nice person. But Heidi was also busy taking care of her newborn child.

She suggested Auden go out and make friends. Accepting their proposal, she went to the beach and met up with a guy named Jake. They had a little fling together and shared some intimate moments. However, Auden was thrown back as it wasn’t her thing.

The next day she met Maggie at the store, who didn’t exactly endear herself. After all, she liked Jake and seeing her kissing her crush infuriated her. Therefore, she showed no interest in becoming her friend.

One day after hanging out, when everyone was asleep, Auden spotted Eli riding his bike. Their eyes met and one day he bumped into Auden. He told her he would make it up to her.

Eli’s past

Eli and Abe were best friends and both wanted to be professional BMX riders. But one day, Abe and Eli had an accident when a drunk hit them. Abe lost his life in the accident and Eli could never forgive himself.

From that day on he began to ride his bike alone at night. He distanced himself from the social gatherings and no longer came into contact with anyone. However, Auden tried to ask him about his past, but he always hesitated to talk about it.

Auden felt Eli needed someone in his life like her. He cared for her, so she felt it was her duty to return the same. She invited them to the Fourth of July party at her home. At first he refused, but eventually he came. The two kissed and Maggie, Leah and Esther cheered them on for being friends now.

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Along the Ride ending explained – did Eli achieve his dream?

Eli had learned that Auden missed her father’s presence in her home. Her father Robert was not there when the family needed him. So Eli tried to ride her bike so she could find the escape route.

After the night’s party, Robert left the house after arguing with Heidi. Eli noticed this and it reminded him how much he distanced himself from his loved ones. That doesn’t help him to reach his goal. After some deliberation, Robert returned home and began spending more time with his family.

Eli also started to focus on his dream of becoming a BMX rider. On prom night, they decorated a beach and had a huge party where Auden and Eli kissed. Today Eli is a professional BMX rider in Barcelona while Auden can sleep in peace and study at university. The two write letters and strive to achieve their respective goals.

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