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The Dungeon of Black Company Episode 3 release date, time and where to watch the anime

July 17, 2021

An offbeat isekai fantasy anime is here with The Dungeon of Black Company, aka Meikyuu Black Company, based on Youhei Yasamura’s manga series, following the story of Kinji Ninomiya. Episode 3 is about to arrive so make sure you have the premiere date and time set in your countdown and don’t forget to check where to watch the series.

Warning ! This part may contain spoilers for The Dungeon of Black Company. Read at your own risk!

What happened in episode 2 of The Dungeon of Black Company?

In episode 2 of The Dungeon of Black Company, An Un-ANT-icipated Encounter, Kinji and Wanibe were transferred and it is a dangerous exploration team. Kinji is going to have to do more despite the reduction in his salary because he is forced to do the part of Wanibe’s work that is injured. Kinji is penniless because he still has to feed Rim.

Monstrous ants invade the mine and Kinji must survive, so he uses a transformation potion that turns him into an elite team manager and ant warrior, but ends up trapped because the boss sealed the mine. He realizes that now he can talk to ants and understand how they work. He then forms a union with the ants to demand better treatment from the ant queen’s workers.

The Queen of the Ants wants to expand her colony after Rim leaves and stops eating the ants. Kinji faces off against the Queen of Ants, but it is difficult to break as she only orders to kill and replace them. Rim, being familiar with Kinji, can still understand Kinji and this impressed the Queen of Ants. Wanibe returned to work and they planned to take over the mining company and create their own Dark Company dungeon.

Where to watch episode 3 of The dungeon of black company online?

Officiellement diffusé en ligne by Funimation in original Japanese and sous-titrée version in Anglais, The Dungeon of Black Company is accessible one week plus tôt pour les subscriptions à l’accès premium au prix of $ 5.99 par mois or $ 59.99 annually. For those who do not have a premium access subscription, the episodes will have a free premiere date the following week.

What is the release date of episode 3 of The Dungeon of Black Company?

Episode 3 of Dungeon of Black Company is scheduled to premiere on July 23, 2021, available to Funimation Premium Access subscribers on that date, along with the free premiere of the previous episode. Episode 3 will be available for free to the general public on July 30, 2021.

What is the release time for episode 3 of The Dungeon of Black Company?

Episode 3 of Dungeon of Black Company is scheduled to premiere at 10:30 p.m. JST. The departure time varies depending on your geographic location. The departure time according to your location is as follows:

Pacific Time: 6:30 AM PT

Central Time: 8:30 am CT

Eastern Time: 9:30 am EST

UK time: 2:30 pm BST

It’s really unconventional but it works, right? Let’s find out if Kinji and Wanibe will be able to form their own Dark Company dungeon with Rim’s help, and if they can win the trust of Ant Queen in the next episode!