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The Devil Judge Episode 3 Release Date

July 6, 2021

The premiere date for Episode 3 of Devil Judge is coming up soon, and we can’t hide our excitement. Plus, The Devil Judge got off to a promising start and fans are beyond excited. Not only did he get fans excited, but it seems like the entire nation loves him as The Devil Judge secured the No. 1 spot in terms of viewership. Also, The Devil Judge caught the attention of fans with just two episodes, and the wait for Episode 3 of The Devil Judge is painful. In addition to a very talented cast, the series contains incredible music, beautiful cinematography, and eye-catching dialogue.

The Devil Judge series premiered on July 3. This is a South Korean television series that will air on tvN. The Devil Judge takes place in an anti-utopian Korea. As chaos erupts in the country and the people are filled with hatred for their leaders, the Devil’s Judge appears. In his courtroom, he mercilessly condemns the guilty. In addition, the trials are broadcast live and decisions are made based on the vote of the citizens. If the intriguing story didn’t impress you, the cast surely will. This series stars Ji Sung, Park Jinyoung, Kim Min Jung, Park Gyu Young, and Ahn Nae Sang. In this article, we’ll give you all the details on the premiere date and preview for Episode 3 of The Devil Judge.

Devil Judge episode 3 release date

This drama kept viewers in suspense. The episodes were extremely exciting and the acting was top-notch. Viewers also liked the way messages are delivered to viewers and how not all elements must be lost to understand the story. Also, Ji Sung’s work was amazing. A mysterious and vampiric aura emanates from him. And so far the story is quite interesting. We may not know what Kang Yo Han’s secret is, but we can’t wait to see Kim Ga On and Yoon Soon Hyun discover their secrets. In general, this drama put us in front of our screens.

The drama began premiering on July 3 and is scheduled to air on August 22. So far, the drama has aired its first two episodes, which caught our attention from the beginning. The series also released sixteen episodes full of mystery, leaving fourteen splendid episodes to air. Episode 3 of The Devil Judge will be released on Saturday, July 10. Additionally, the drama took the place of the amazing kdrama Mine, starring Ji Sung’s wife Lee Bo Young. New episodes of the series will be released every Saturday and Sunday on tvN. International fans can watch it on Rakuten Viki.

The Devil Judge Episode 3 Preview

The second episode ended on a rather surprising note. When Kim Ga On went to check his hearing aid, he was caught by Kang Yo Han. But they were both victims of a secret bomb placed on Kang Yo Han’s painting. Fortunately, they were not seriously injured and we can see Kang Yo Han carrying Kim. Ga On who had passed out. The next episode, Episode 3, could reveal who planted the bomb in Kang Yo Han’s painting.

In the preview, Kang Yo Han can be heard telling the audience that judges can only be protected by the public. Furthermore, we can see how the rivalry between Jung Sun Ah and Kang Yo Han grows. Jung Sun Ah, hungry for power, apparently sees Kang Yo Han as an obstacle on his way to supreme power. Also, it seems that Kim Ga On is finding out who and why placed the bomb behind the painting. And it seems like Kang Yo Han is trying to hide something from the police, but we trust that our daughter Yoon Soo Hyun will find out what’s going on. And then the preview ended with Kim Ga On telling someone that they suspect Kang Yo Han of something.