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The Detective Is Ya Dead Episode 6 Preview and Release Date

August 5, 2021

The Detective Is Ya Dead Episode 6 Preview and Release Date

The legendary detective and the partner work together to save Yui from the sniper Assasin who failed to kill her. Kimihiko managed to submerge in time and protect Yui from the bullets. After saving Yui’s life, the trio go to another room and reveal that Sniper Assasin was not aiming at the volt but at Yui. We’ll find out more about the legendary detective and his partner in the latest episode of The Detective is Already Dead. The episode begins on the beach where Kimihiko and Sieta were still together as a family. At the time, the two had a daughter and went on a family vacation to the beach.

Kimihiko reminds Siesta of her original purpose, and the holidays are a cover for that purpose. Siesta asks Kimihiko what she is saying, and Kimihiko reminds her that they have to get their hands on the Emerald Tear and earn some money because they are bankrupt. Siesta hits him with a bullet and tells him that he has become his servant for the rest of his life since he has not been able to dodge him. Kimihiko responds that he took her by surprise and that the penalties for that are too extreme.

She throws the ball and tells him to hit it, and Kimihiko asks if beach volleyball is supposed to be just fun for two. The two decide to get on the boat together, but Kimihiko struggles to row alone as she sits back and relaxes. Kimihiko realizes that she spent two years with Siesta, and now they are in the ocean. Siesta tells you that if you feel like placing your order, you can. Kimihiko replies that she hadn’t planned on doing it and that she needs to stop bragging. Siesta tells Kimihiko that one day they will establish a detective office somewhere.

Previously in The Detective Is Ya Dead Episode 5

The title of the episode is “I was destined for an area in the future.” Summer vacation is over and the crazy everyday life of the detective and his partner continues. In the morning, the two men find a corpse inside the church, and Sieta comments that it is the work of Cerberus. Kimihiko holds her nose because she cannot spell the blood of a dead person. Kimihiko asks if Cerberus is supposed to be some kind of Jack the Ripper that emerged recently. Siesta nods and reveals that it is a codenamed Cerberus, the watchdog of the underworld. Rumor has it that the killer is devouring human hearts.

The two men meet the captain outside after completing the investigation. Kimihiko reminds the captain that smoking is prohibited and tells him to take a cigarette. Kimihiko took the cigarette and the captain told the two men that he was returning to Japan. The couple wonder why Fuubi bothered to come here. Fuubi responds that it is a temporary transfer and that it officially ended yesterday. Kimihiko says she has never heard of a personnel transfer. Fuubi tells the two that she leaves the rest of the work to them.

They must capture the modern second advent of Jack the Ripper for themselves. Fuubi starts up and Kimihiko wonders what to do. Kimihiko holds up Fuubi’s lighter and realizes that Fuubi told her that by giving it to her, she would quit smoking. Siesta responds that Fuubi gave her the most prized possession. At night, Kimihiko confronts Cerberus: Jack the Ripper and discovers that the guy turns into a wolf. Cerberus tells Kimihiko that he is taking her heart out. Siesta helps defeat Cerebus, but Kimihiko is faced with a bioweapon.

The Detective Is Ya Dead Episode 6 Release Date

The release date for Episode 6 of The Detective is Already Is Dead is Sunday, August 8, 2021 at 9:30 pm The new episode of The Detective is Already Dead will air every Sunday. The detective is already dead is at its peak, as the end of the episode will soon conclude. Take a look at Episode 6 of The Detective Is Already Dead below.

Where to see episode 6 of The detective is already dead?

You can watch The Detective is Already Dead Episode 6 online on Funimation and ANIPLUS. The Detective is Already Dead is available on his Twitter account, website, and other platforms. The final episodes of The Detective Is Already Dead are available on Funimation after the anime’s premiere.