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July 22, 2021

It’s always this time of the week that fans are most excited about the upcoming episodes. Episode 4 of The Detective Is Already Dead is also very close. The last episode was a significant clue to the detective life that Kimizuka will be involved in once again. After an unforgettable tragedy, the boy had decided not to relive the life of a detective. But there are details you need to figure out.

This last matter could provide you with the opportunity you are looking for to get closer to Nagisa. As she is the new owner of Siesta’s heart, it is very important for Kimizuka to keep in touch with the remains of her friend. From the plot details and recap to the release date, here’s everything you need to know about The Detective Is Already Dead Episode 4.

Detective is already dead! Episode 4 Plot Details!

The title of the fourth episode is “What I see in this eye.” The vague idea is that the title is about Nagisa’s personal battles that Kimizuka will face in the next episode. The two detectives work together after a long time. And it is especially difficult for Nagisa to deal with her emotional state after the heart transplant. Siesta’s heart still remembers her loved ones.

But for Nagisa, these are new emotions. Furthermore, fans can also expect to see new developments in the case that concerns Yui’s family legacy. The detectives will follow through with the clues in episode 4 of The Detective Is Already Dead. But the main surprise of this episode will be the confrontation between Nagisa and Kimizuka. For reference, here is the official preview for you!

Summary of the previous episode!

In the latest episode of The Detective Is Already Dead, we see that all the hook for Kimizuka to leave the detective profession fails. At the end of the previous episode, the new high school student was approached by a mysterious boy, Yui, who asked him for help with a case. It turns out that Kimizuka agrees on the condition that it be her last business. Later, he and Nagisa begin to investigate any clues that point to the person who is trying to steal Yui’s family heirloom. The episode does not address the question of Siesta’s heart in it. Let’s see if we can get more news in the case of Episode 4 of The Detective Is Already Dead.

The detective is already dead Episode 4: Release date

We hope you’ve found some time for this weekend as it will be packed with action and drama. Most of them will come from Episode 4 of The Detective is Already Dead. According to the schedule, the new episode will arrive this Sunday, July 25, 2021. You can watch all the latest TDIAD episodes on Funimation. The official YouTube channel of Muse Communications broadcasts the episode for Asian regions with different times.