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The Chi Season 4 Episode 5 Release Date

June 16, 2021

In ‘The Chi’ season 4 episode 4, Kiesha unexpectedly enters Octavia’s office, revealing an excellent plethora of architectural wonders. She is still very confident in her abilities as a single mother, and Kiesha seems to be involved this time around as well. Imani is determined to help Trinity, a lady attached to Nate’s trap house. For a detailed analysis of the latest episode, we invite you to consult the summary section. Before the next episode airs, here’s everything we know about “The Chi” Season 4 Episode 5!

The chi season 4 Episode 5 Release Date

Episode 5 of season 4 of “The Chi” is scheduled for June 20, 2021 at 9:00 pm on Showtime. New episodes air on the channel each week, each running between 46 and 58 minutes.

Where to watch episode 5 of season 4 of the chi online?

To see the next episode 5 of season 4 of “The Chi”, you can tune in to Showtime on the date and time mentioned above. If you don’t have a wired network, you can visit Showtime’s official website and the Showtime app to catch up on the show there. Live streaming options are also available on Direct TV, Sling TV, Philo TV, YouTube TV, and Fubo TV. Additionally, you can purchase / rent episodes of “The Chi” on video-on-demand services such as Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, and iTunes.

the chi season 4 Episode 5 Spoilers

The next episode is titled “The Ghost Sitting by the Door.” In the next episode, Douda, Roselyn and Marcus will take part in the big event they have prepared for. Kiesha finally goes into labor when Kevin and Jemma hit a low point in their relationship. With Jake in the background, things could go wrong between the trio. Their long-standing friendship, in turn, will suffer. Also, Trig and Shaad are going to suffer a massive drop. For more information, you can see the promotion below!

The Chi season 4 episode 4 recap

In ‘The Chi’ season 4 episode 4 titled ‘The Chicago Girl’, Tracy stays with the Perries due to a crowd of pro-police protesters outside the apartment. Douda’s big dance arrives and he makes her try on a lot of formal clothes. Meanwhile, Kiesha remembers her earlier encounter with Octavia, prompting her to visit the office where she works. She is impressed with her collection in her architectural practice. Kiesha experiences an increase in blood pressure that almost complicates her pregnancy. Part of her situation can be attributed to Dre’s absence, but unfortunately she has no choice but to stay with Jada during her chemotherapy appointment.

Tiff and Emmett move on with new arrangements in their relationship. The latter brings home a girl who turns out to be Tiff’s former co-worker. They then decide to establish ground rules. EJ is devastated when he finds out about Jada’s cancer. Elsewhere, Jemma and Jake await punishment for their unethical disposition on the school talk show, but Douda steps in at the last minute and saves them. She hopes Kevin will join her in protesting racism, but he remains loyal to her studies and refuses to leave her. Jake is the only one with her, but the show turns into a date and they end up kissing.

Meanwhile, Imani plans to help Trinity, the wife of Nuck’s trap house, escape from this gruesome place, but the girl does not appear the next day. So he takes his frustration out on Trig and Tracy, who try to explain that Trinity has chosen to pose a bunny for him. Still, we see Trig running into the traphouse, inviting a million shots at him. But before leaving, he receives the news of Trinity’s death and relays it to Imani, who is inconsolable with sadness and anger.