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The Blacklist Season 8 Episode 13 Release Date, Other Information

April 15, 2021

Season 8 of ‘The Blacklist’ surely progresses in style, and with its final episode we see Red in deeper trouble after Rakitin and Cooper come face to face. Ressler and Liz decide to meet up to exchange details about Red’s sting operation. For more information on the episode, you can go to the summary at the bottom of the page. If you’ve seen the episode before, you can check out the synopsis for ‘The Blacklist’ season 8 episode 13.

The Blacklist Season 8 Episode 13 Release Date

Episode 13 of season 8 of “The Blacklist” is scheduled for April 27, 2021 at 8 pm NBC. Each episode lasts 40 to 45 minutes.

Where to watch episode 13 of season 8 of The Blacklist online?

You can watch ‘The Blacklist’ season 8 episode 13 on NBC while it airs on the channel, as long as you have a cable subscription. If you miss it, you have the option to stream it on the official NBC website and also on the NBC app. Wireless options include watching the show on live TV and video-on-demand platforms such as DirecTV, Fubo TV, YouTube TV, Sling TV, Peacock, Amazon Prime Video, and iTunes. If you are a primary Netflix user, you can access the first seven seasons on the streaming platform.

The Blacklist Season 8 Episode 13 Spoilers

The next episode 13 of season 8 of “The Blacklist” is titled “Anne”, where we get to see Anne return to the life of Red. The idea of ​​a meeting already excites us. But we are sure that it will not stop having repercussions. There could be a twist in his return, mainly because Red has generated many doubts and suspicions. At this point, there are very few people I can count on. After Liz decides to turn against him, he only has Dembe on his side. We could see Anne teaming up with Red, or the other way around. It may be a blacklisted connection. Here’s a promo for the next episode!

The Blacklist Season 8 Episode 12 Recap

Episode 12 of season 8 of ‘The Blacklist’ titled ‘Rakitin’ begins with a conversation between Harold Cooper and Congressman Russ Friedenberg about how things are going wrong. After the call, Friedenberg is killed by Rakitin. Red tells Dembe that Rakitin is too powerful to stop or catch him. Disappointed, Cooper goes to meet Friedenberg but is kidnapped by a group of men. Rakitin then tells Cooper that he must kill himself.

Red tries to save Cooper time by making a call with Rakitin. Having tracked him down, Ressler comes to his rescue. Red doesn’t want something bad to happen to Cooper, but at the same time, he doesn’t want Cooper to take over. In fact, Rakitin is aware of confidential matters that concern even Red. If the FBI asks him for information, it is very likely that Rakitin will speak. Meanwhile, Ressler wants to talk to Liz and tell her that his suspicions about Red were true all along. Liz believes Red is N13, an unidentified Russian agent who stole Sikorsky’s file. Rakitin is the one who provides information to N13. Ressler plans to meet Liz at midnight.

Red asks Park to deliver an envelope to Rakitin. She is obliged to do it for a favor she owes him. As Cooper tries to get Rakitin to speak, the latter realizes that Red is an FBI informant. Park gives the envelope to Rakitin, but it is blank. Rakitin is about to confess when he runs out of breath and dies suddenly. Red then tells Cooper that Rakitin was killed by his superiors, who were unwilling to let him speak. Red confronts his friend from the East, who is behind the murder. The episode ends when Liz doesn’t show up to meet Ressler.