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The Beginning After The End Chapter 130 release date, spoilers: the reason for Tessia’s hiding is finally revealed

January 27, 2022

Arthur, Tessia, and their parents will meet Rinia in The Beginning After the End Chapter 130. When this happens, fans will know the reason for their hiding.

Tessia is Rinia’s granddaughter and fans had already seen her when Arthur first arrived in the land of the elves. Now that Tessia is an adult, her family and Arthur begin to worry about her as she must control her beast will in The Beginning After the End Chapter 130.

In recent highlights, Rinia was found to be one of the strongest magicians in the elven realm. She made her first appearance on the series when she helped Arthur reach her parents in Chapter 13.

Her power lets her see what will happen in the future. She also has various types of farsighted magic, including communication.

Just like her grandmother, Rinnia is a very powerful magician. She has a strength that rivals Virion’s might.

However, she is hiding in a mysterious forest, so not even Virion can reach her. So why is she hiding?

There are theories that she found out something about the stranger who has infiltrated the kingdom, and perhaps fans will learn more in The Beginning After the End Chapter 130. Her ability has proven useful and can keep an eye on the enemy, so she has to hide to avoid being caught.

Meanwhile, in The Beginning After the End Chapter 129, Rinia’s body glowed with excitement after unleashing the second manifestation of her beast will, via amazfeed. She moved closer to Tessia and her flesh and clothing began to darken.

Using her power, she managed to hear her granddaughter’s rapid heartbeat as she waited for her next step. She slammed the hilt of her blade into Tessia’s waist, closing the gap between them.

Tessia took a step back just in time to cushion the blow. After erecting the barrier between them, Tessia shed all her doubts and viewed Rinia as her enemy.

Rinia reached out to Cynthia, afraid she would crush her with her touch. She finally decided to place her palm on her head, showing that she knew what she was doing, although she didn’t dare intervene to gain an advantage in battle.

From here, Rinia warned that the real conflict will soon begin. The Beginning After the End, Chapter 130 will be released on Friday, January 28th.