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That’s probably why YG Entertainment is only now taking action against BLACKPINK Jennie’s photo leaker

October 4, 2022

YG Entertainment has finally broken its silence on the leaked private photos of one of their top stars, BLACKPINK’s Jennie, and officially filed a lawsuit against the leaker. However, some are wondering why the agency is only acting today when fans vociferously protested several months ago.

A Korean media outlet noticed that YG was still waiting for BLACKPINK to finish their promotions before taking legal action against those behind Jennie’s leaked photos. The girls had wrapped up promotion for their second full-length album, Born Pink, when the company released an official statement to address the escalating situation surrounding Jennie.

In the statement, YG addressed the issues surrounding the female idol. From the rumors of dating BTS’ V to the criticism, personal attacks, sexual harassment, and invasion of privacy surrounding her published private photos.

However, it took YG a few months of slander, hate and harassment that greatly affected the idol before making his move. Fans and the media alike wondered why the agency didn’t come forward sooner to protect their talent from cyberbullying.

It was later revealed that YG filed a complaint with the police just last month. The entertainment company reportedly refused to comment on the matter or explain its point of view to avoid further harm, allegations, personal attacks, sexual harassment and invasion of privacy being indiscriminately leveled at Jennie.

It appeared YG didn’t raise the issue at the height of BLACKPINK promotion to avoid any ill effects.

Meanwhile, YG released a statement on Monday, October 3, revealing that they will be filing a lawsuit against the person who posted Jennie’s private photos. The company took a firm stance against acts of defamation and the dissemination of false information.

The company said it has formally requested police to investigate the original distributor of Jennie’s photos. It had already filed a complaint last month after gathering information.

The company then admitted it had not commented on the matter to avoid further damage. But it felt responsible for all the rumours, personal attacks, allegations and invasion of privacy that Jennie suffered.

This made it difficult for her to continue to overlook the situation. Therefore, it now wanted to correct the problem through legal action. YG then promised to protect the rights of its artists from now on.