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‘Tales of Demons and Gods’ Chapter 357 Release Date, Spoiler: Can Nie Li Defeat the Wise Emperor?

December 3, 2021

In Tales Of Demons And Gods chapter 357, Nie Li will do his best to fight for the roots of the lake of gods. The member of the heavenly signs family is now taking great strides to have enough strength to face the wise emperor.

With Nie Li’s planned move, he needs a strong team to help him overthrow the Wise Emperor. Can he do that in Tales of Demons and Gods, chapter 357?

In recent highlights, it was mentioned that Nie Li happens to own the painting Myriad Miles of Rivers and Mountains from an auction. Now he can cultivate very quickly and become even faster with the help of the roots of the divine lake.

Although he never expected to get his hands on these things, a small stroke of fate brings him to these things. The painting has its world inside, in which he cultivates the roots of the lakes of the gods. To make them grow faster, he must find as many god roots as possible before the battle against the sage-emperor begins.

Gu Bei and Long Yuin have to fight for the seat of the family patriarch, as Nie Li himself orders in Chapter 357 of Tales of Demons and Gods. But in order to win, the two must build their own power in the outside world.

Once they have secured the seat, it will be easier for Nie Li to pursue the position of sect master. With these steps he wants to win the strongest allies in order to face the sage-emperor at the right time.

In Tales Of Demons And Gods chapter 356, the warriors who tried to face the Mage Emperor failed to bring him down, as reported by OtakuKart News. Long Yuyin flew near Nie Li to hear his story and the various types of ancestral masters and their own master.

Nie Li believed that these two masters were masters of the heavenly divination technique. He also talked about the techniques that they had in their bodies.

Never Li had to make sure these two would die before their techniques peaked. However, Long Yiyun couldn’t help wondering why they had to die.

Nie Li stated that the Divine Feathers sect would die if the Mage Emperor managed to find it. Unfortunately, the wise emperor did not die, although he suffered several deaths.

Long Yuyin later remembered knowing about the heavenly divination technique and what her Master had told her about it. Master said things about people and heaven and that souls would never die in vain.

Master also reminded them not to learn the divine divination technique. He even asked Long Yuyin not to cry for him when he died because they needed the heir to the heavenly divination technique.

What happens next can be seen when Tales of Demons and Gods Chatper 357 comes out on Sunday December 5th.