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‘Sword Art Online the Movie – Progressive – Aria of a Starless Night’ advertises its appearance with a new trailer

November 10, 2021

Sword Art Online Progressive has officially released the official trailer for Sword Art Online the Move – Progressive – Aria of a Starless Night. Now that the first film in the series has been released, another is coming to keep the hype going.

Fans are still waiting for a new major story arc of the light novel to complete the anime adaptation, but the film version has no plans to slow down. The first film from creator Reki Kawahara’s official companion series, Sword Art Online Progressive, is exploring the Ainrcrad arc and a new one is about to begin with Sword Art Online the Movie – Progressive – Aria of a Starless Night.

Comicbook noted that the new film will adapt the Scherzo of Dark Dusk arc. To keep fans excited even more, the franchise recently released a new trailer that gives the best look at the movie yet.

The clip mainly focuses on Asuna’s perspective as the film depicts the early events of the original series. As it stands, this new trailer contains a ton of spoilers that give away what will happen in the movie.

In addition, the film also features a new key visual that gives fans a good look at favorite characters like Kirito and Asuna. Anime TV Japan Twitter outlet gives fans a glimpse into this image that quickly leads them to the events that started it all.

Sword Art Online the Movie – Progressive – Aria of a Starless Night will follow the story before the Lightning and Black Swordsman were known by these names. It will also be the day Asuna puts on the NerveGear.

Asuna is a third year middle school student who has never played an online game. However, she joins the world’s first VRMMORPG called Sword Art Online, which officially launches on November 6, 2022, unaware that players will be trapped in the game.

The Game Master will not let you log out of the game after you log in euphorically. This may be a game, but it’s not something you play, warns the Game Master.

If a player dies in the game, he will die in the real world too. This leads to panic among the players and thus to chaos.

So Asuna will do her best to capture Aincrad’s floating iron castle, despite being unfamiliar with online gaming. She fights with all her might until someone shows up – the swordsman Kirito.

Sword Art Online the Movie – Progressive – Aria of a Starless Night will be released on December 3rd in the US and Canada and on December 9th in Australia and New Zealand. It will also appear soon in the UK, Ireland and Latin America.